The TAGG mobile app is no longer available in the App Store or Google Play, and will not be supported. Switch now to the new and improved TAGG.today! Don’t worry, your history comes too!


Step 1

Open the web browser on your device and visit TAGG.today

Step 2

Add TAGG.today to your home screen (like an app) for easy access + stay logged in! 

iPhone/iPad (Safari)  Tap share icon (square with arrow) > Add to Home Screen

Android (Chrome)  Tap menu icon (3 dots) > Add to Home Screen

Android Users: No Add to Home Screen button? Click here.

Step 3

Visit TAGG.today from the button you just created and click ‘Login’

Step 4

Enter your mobile phone # then enter the code that is texted to you.

Your mobile phone number is how you will log into your account going forward.

Step 5

Once logged in, complete your profile in the upper right.

Step 6

Complete your profile and SAVE!

Enter NEW20 in the referral code box for 20 reward points! Allow 3 business days for points to be added.

Merge App History over

If you used the TAGG app your history can be migrated over to your new TAGG.today account:

  • If the email you enter on your new account matches an email address on file for your existing TAGG account, a pop-up will appear asking you to verify. Once you have verified your email, it will start migrating your TAGG app history automatically over to the new account. 

  • If the email you enter on your new account does not match the email address on file for your existing account, our team can help merge the history to your new account. Email us at hello@togetheragreatergood.com.  

You should see your first name in the upper right. This is how you’ll know you are logged in.

Questions? See FAQs or email us

Now you’re ready to upload receipts from 400+ businesses!

View business directory for all participating business locations in the Omaha, Lincoln, and Siouxland areas.


TAGG on Any Device

TAGG is now a website – so you can TAGG on a computer, smartphone, or tablet by visiting TAGG.today.



Submit up to 3 images for each receipt (great to capture longer or emailed receipts!) 

Points + Rewards

Earn points that can be redeemed for bonus donations, TAGG swag
or business gift cards!

News + Offers

Here you’ll see new businesses, business rewards, b-day offers, bonus points, higher donation days, & more!


Your phone number is now how you’ll log in! No more having to remember passwords.


Improved Search

Search businesses in recent, alphabetical, nearby or popular order. Plus, discover businesses using our new business directory!


Be Recognized

Be recognized by organizations you support. 

Redeem Points

Earn and redeem points for bonus donations, gift cards & more.

B-Day Offers

Receive birthday offers to enjoy during your birthday month.

News + Offers

Receive special offers, loyalty rewards, plus learn about new businesses, higher giving days, and more.  

We do not share or sell your information. TAGG prides itself with the transparency to our users that we DO NOT and will never sell or share your information.


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