1. Earn on Groceries & Gas

Everyone needs groceries and gas, so you might as well get a TAGG donation back! If you order groceries online you can still TAGG your digital receipts. Learn how here.

2. Big Donations on Catering Orders

Lot’s of our businesses offer catering and don’t have a donation cap! Upload your catering order to TAGG.today and get a BIG donation back.

3. Events & Parties

When planning an event or party there’s a lot to plan including rentals, catering, banners and supplies. These large purchases add up fast. Check out the Events Planning List so you DON’T miss out on a big donations back!

4. Team Outings

Where is your team meeting for food and drinks after games? Discover more food & drink categories in the business directory when you click ‘Filter by Location + Category’.

5. Lunch + Happy Hour

There’s so many options for delivery, lunch & happy hour. Remember, even a $1 donation adds up! Send a list to get your employees to choose TAGG businesses and get a 5% donation to your school, sports, nonprofit, or church!

6. Roof, Home, Car

Sometimes in life you have to drop big bucks on the not so fun stuff like a new roof, car repair, and plumbing. We have incredible local businesses to help you as well as donate to your choice! When filtering in the business directory look under ‘Other Categories’ to find exactly what you need!

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