TAGG Payout Details

The following payout terms are in place to provide better visibility of funds raised and more flexibility with payout timeframes. Parties fundraising through TAGG will now receive monthly updates and the ability to determine when and how often you want to receive payouts. These new terms apply to all TAGG activity beginning July 1, 2020 as well as previous TAGG activity not yet paid out.

Monthly Recaps:

Each month, an email recap will be sent to the contact person(s) for nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs, as well as team/club members raising money at an individual level (as long as we have an email address on file). Monthly recaps will include money raised, current balance, and a link to optionally request a payout.

Payout Request Form:

Timing of Payouts & Requests:

  • Payouts are made each month on the 5th business day (for those requested).
  • Payout requests must be made by the last day of the month prior to the payout (ex. August 5th payouts must be requested by July 31st)
  • Each year, all organizations that have been on TAGG for the full calendar year and have not requested or received a payout all year will be automatically added to the to the December 5th distribution (to receive funds raised through October 31). However, if the balance raised is less than $15, funds will be forfeited. Please see inactivity section below.
  • A detailed TAGG Activity Reports and deposit notifications will be emailed at the time a payout is being made.

Choosing Payout Months Upfront:

  • If you are in charge of distributions for your organization, team or club and would like to set up designated payout months upfront (versus requesting funds periodically), please contact us to set those up.

Payout Minimums:

  • Nonprofits, Places of Worship, Teams and Clubs: There is no longer a minimum balance requirement to request a payout.
  • Members: Members must have a balance of at least $25 (after the $2.50 payout fee and 15% retained) to request an individual payout. If payouts are requested by the Team/Club contact, no minimums are required.

Per Payout Fee:

  • Nonprofits, Places of Worship, Teams and Clubs: TAGG will deduct a $2.50 fee from each payout, in addition to the 15% of funds raised.
  • Member-Level Fundraising: TAGG will deduct a $2.50 fee per member from each payout (regardless if the payout was requested by the organization, team or club’s contact OR the member), in addition to the 15% of funds raised.

Payout Schedule:

Requested Payout Month  Includes Funds Raised Through:
January November
February December
March January
April February
May March
June April
July May
August June
September July
October August
November September
December October

Payout Method:

If TAGG has approval from the organization to receive funds electronically, that will be the default. If not, checks will be mailed to either the organization, or home of the team/club contact or member, made payable to the organization, unless directed otherwise.


TAGG’s goal is to be a fundraising partner for organizations, not a “set it and forget it” program. Continuous activity reassures TAGG that we are fulfilling our promise to our business partners that their donations are going to organizations promoting their contribution to the community. Organizations may be removed for continuous years of inactivity.

Members switching organizations/teams/clubs: 

Members that are fundraising at an individual level, and need to request that their funds raised are transferred to a different organization/team/club can complete our change form here

Need to update your bank information

Please complete this form and return to hello@togetheragreatergood.com

Questions? Please email us at: hello@togetheragreatergood.com