TAGG Fundraising Terms and Payout Information

TAGG is committed to maintaining an active and engaging fundraising program that serves our community and business partners. To achieve this, we have implemented the following policy for TAGG fundraising accounts.

This policy outlines the requirements and consequences associated with the failure to meet the requirements, including not reaching the annual fundraising threshold, not having an active email address on file for your fundraising account, and the failure to request funds. 

By using TAGG’s fundraising platform, you agree to adhere to these policies. We reserve the right to modify these policies as needed to ensure the continued success of our program. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact TAGG’s customer support for assistance at hello@togetheragreatergood.com.

Starting June 1, 2024, most electronic payout requests will require the last 4 digits of the bank account number to ensure the the bank account on file is still current. This is an effort to eliminate requests being sent to closed bank accounts due to switching banks without informing TAGG. 

TAGG Account Requirements & Deactivation

Minimum Annual Fundraising Requirement:
Due to the ongoing costs of maintaining fundraising accounts on the website, TAGG requires all fundraising accounts (organization, team and member level) to raise a minimum of $25 on a rolling 12 month basis (before TAGG’s retained percentage). Accounts not raising at least $25 will be deactivated from TAGG and unable to raise funds.

Unsubscription(s) or Undelivered Email(s):
TAGG requires at least one active email address on file for each fundraising account. In the event that your account is flagged due to unsubscription or email bouncing of the email address(es) on file for your account, TAGG will make one reasonable attempt to encourage you to resubscribe or reestablish new contact(s) for your account. We value your participation and are dedicated to maintaining an active community. TAGG allows a grace period of 30 days to facilitate reactivation, during which we anticipate your response or resubscription. After this period, if there is no response or resubscription, it will result in deactivation of the fundraising account from the TAGG platform and unable to raise funds.

Failure to Request Funds
TAGG fundraising acccount holders can request a payout anytime by visiting TAGG’s website or clicking the request payout button on their monthly recaps. Not requesting funds after two full years is indicative that your organization is not engaged in or promoting the TAGG program, and will result in deactivation of the fundraising account from the TAGG platform and unable to raise funds. 

When a fundraising account is deactivated from the TAGG program due to not meeting a TAGG account requirement, any balance due of less than $50 will be forfeited. If a payout request is made for a deactivated account with a balance of $50 or more, all funds raised within the past 2 years will be paid out. Any forfeited funds are used to provide bonus donations for new TAGGers as well as TAGGers who redeem their points in the rewards center.  


Each month, the contact person(s) on file for all nonprofits, places of worship, school, team/club, and members will receive an email recap including funds raised, current balance, and either the option to request a payout OR when the next payout is scheduled. 

Recaps Schedule:

Nonprofits, Schools, Places of Worship, and Teams/Clubs: 10th of each month

Members (Youth Sports, TAGG for Tuition & TAGG for Teachers): 15th of each month

At least one email address must be subscribed and on file to remain active and ensure we can send recaps. 

If you unsubscribe and/or your email bounces, TAGG will make one attempt to get a new contact or get you to resubscribe. After 30 days of no response or resubscribing, we will turn your account to inactive and no more funds can be raised.

How to Ensure Receipt of Recap Emails:

Add hello@togetheragreatergood.com to your email contact list to avoid going to spam.

If you need to resubscribe, click here.

If you need to update your contact on file, email us.


    Team & Member Level Fundraising: Some organizations pre-determine the payout month(s) for their teams and members; some will allow each team or member to request their payout (which can be done from monthly recaps).  

    To Request a Payout: Please complete this form

    To Schedule Your Payout Months (versus requesting them from the monthly recap emails): Email us

    Payouts are made electronically to a bank account on file for the organization. To provide or update your bank account information, click here.

    Payout Requests: Each fundraising account on TAGG can optionally pre-schedule their payout months OR request them as often as monthly (using the request a payout option in montly email recaps).

    Timing of Payout & Requests:
    Funds are processed on the 5th business day of each month (it usually takes 2- 3 days more to appear for electronic payments).

    Payout requests must be made by the last day of the previous month (ex. August payouts must be requested by July 31st).

    A payout email and TAGG activity report will be emailed to all nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs. A TAGG activity report for members will be provided by request only.

    Each December all fundraising accounts who have been on TAGG for the full calendar year and have not received a payout will be contacted to ensure recaps are being received.

    Payout Minimums:
    TAGG does not require a payout minimum, however some organizations may require them (to avoid needing to payout very small balances). If balances don’t meet an Organizations’s minimum payout requirement, funds will continue to roll over until a future payout.

    Payout Schedule:

    Payout Month Request Funds by  Includes Funds Raised thru
    January 31-Dec November
    February 31-Jan December
    March 28-Feb January
    April 31-Mar February
    May 30-Apr March
    June 31-May April
    July 30-Jun May
    August 31-Jul June
    September 31-Aug July
    October 30-Sep August
    November 31-Oct September
    December 30-Nov October

      It is free to register for a TAGG fundraising account, and to create a TAGG user account. TAGG retains 15% of funds raised before distributing funds.

      Per payout fees:

      Nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs: TAGG will deduct $2.50 from each payout, in addition to the 15% of funds raised. An additional $5.00 will be deducted if a physical check mailed is required.

      Member level fundraising: TAGG will deduct $1.00 per member from each payout, in addition to the 15% of funds raised, if funds are distributed by the team or organization. Any members receiving funds directly will pay $2.50 for an electronic deposit or $5.00 for a physical check mailed.


      Members that are fundraising at the individual level and need to request that funds raised are transferred to a different organization/team/club can complete our change form here.

        •  Recaps will be emailed to you each month on the 15th. Please be sure to use an email you check regularly, if not your school’s email address.
        • 80% of all funds raised will go directly to the teacher and 20% will be given to the school (after TAGG’s 15% is retained).
        • Checks will be made payable to the teacher and mailed in December and May to the school for distribution. If funds are under $15 for the December payout, no funds will be paid out however will be rolled over and paid out with the May check.
        • Portion of funds to the school:  
               – If the school or PTO/PTA/Home & School participates in TAGG, the 20% will be added to their existing fundraising account’s total balance available for payout.
              – If the school or PTO/PTA/Home & School does not participate in TAGG, the 20% will be mailed in May with the TAGG for Teachers checks.

          If you are with Elkhorn Athletic Association, view their unique payout terms + FAQs here


          We’re here to help! Email us at  hello@togetheragreatergood.com