TAGG is the future of fundraising! Enable ANYONE to become a financial supporter (even your casual fans) because it doesn’t cost them an extra dime! Join hundreds of nonprofits who have experienced TAGG becoming a growing line item in their budget.


TAGG is a WIN-WIN for nonprofits and their supporters! 

Raise money without having to sell anything or ask people for monetary donations.

Gain support from EVERYONE because it doesn’t cost an extra dime!

How it works

Download the free ‘Together A Greater Good’ app, and discover businesses who will will donate to your nonprofit every day! 

“TAGG” your purchases by choosing your nonprofit, selecting the business, and submitting a photo of your receipt.

The business will donate a percentage of your total to the nonprofit, at no extra cost to you!

Customizable for YOU!

If your nonprofit has multiple programs, or fundraising events with teams, you can optionally request to add them under your nonoprofit’s name for supporters to designate their TAGG donations to.

Nonprofits AND supporters love

I have raised over $2,000 for local nonprofits simply by taking pics of my receipts. It feels great!



It has been tremendous being part of TAGG and seeing our user base and funds grow each year! Thank you, TAGG, for creating such a win-win for local causes and businesses.


Nonprofit Founder

How do we track progress and receive payouts?

Each month, the nonprofit contact will receive a monthly recap email sharing how much was raised last month, the current balance and the option to request a payout. See all payout info here.

Interested? We’re Here to Help!

Please email hello@togetheragreatergood.com with any questions.

TAGG Materials

Need some information to share before getting registered? Download a Flyer and Business List.


Ready to get started? Register your nonprofit here.