Giving Back That Aligns With Your Bottom Line

Effortlessly show community support while attracting
new + repeat customers!

Relief from Donation Requests

TAGG understands most businesses receive a high volume of requests for donations from local organizations. You can’t give to everyone, but it’s difficult to pick and choose. And who has time for that?

New + Repeat Customers

Be promoted year-round to our growing community of “TAGGers” who are seeking out TAGG businesses so they can raise funds for their school, nonprofit or youth sports. 

Community Giving

TAGG enables businesses a unique way to give back — only after you’ve had a sale. Plus we make it effortless so you can impact the community without lifting a finger.

How It Works

People seek out participating  businesses when they dine, shop and need services.

They upload their receipt to and select who to support. 

Your business contributes a percentage of each purchase, all seamlessly managed by TAGG.

Video Demo Request

Please complete the following, and we’ll send you a video with everything you need to know to see if TAGG is a good fit for your business.

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Every donation is a result of a paying customer

TAGG has a growing community of people interested in supporting their school, children’s sports, or favorite nonprofits.


Next time you receive a request for a donation, you can let them know that your business gives back through TAGG year-round!


Be seen as a community-minded business all year!


TAGG has proven to not only bring you new customers, but give existing customer a reason to keep coming back!

Businesses Receive 

Each business is heavily promoted upon joining TAGG:

  • Text blast
  • Social media
  • Email blast
  • Promoted in News + Offers (on
  • Featured on business list and online business directory for 60 days
  • Promoted in next monthly recap (to all users +  organizations and members raising funds)
  • 20 bonus points given to TAGGers for visiting your business in first 30+ days

Businesses receive a monthly activity report which includes the following:

  • TAGG customer names
  • Submitted dates & receipt dates
  • Transaction amount
  • Donation amount
  • Organization chosen by the customer
  • Satisfaction ratings (1-5 stars)
  • Customer comments/feedback
  • New customers – If it’s the customer’s first time submitting a receipt at your business, it will ask if it’s their first visit.

All TAGG businesses are promoted year-round in the following ways:

  • Included in TAGG’s online business directory
  • Included in TAGG’s printable business list
  • Included in 1+ category campaigns – promoted by text, email, social media, and News+Offers on
  • TAGG users are incentivized (with points) to share their TAGGs on social media promoting your business!
  • Get added to TAGG’s Rewards Center at no additional cost
  • Add an ongoing higher giving day at no additional cost (promoted monthly) Ex. 10% Tuesdays, 10% Sundays for Places of Worship, etc.
  • Opt into TAGG’s cause of the month (where you double your donation only for that cause each month) – promoted monthly by email, social media and News + Offers on
  • Opt into other marketing features for additional exposure.

TAGG will provide businesses with the following:

  • Window sticker
  • Stickers or custom laminated signs to display near register or on tables, menus, check jackets, etc.
  • Images to promote your participation
  • Content to add to your receipts

The first time each customer uses TAGG at your business, once the TAGG is approved, they will receive an automated email that appears to be from your business. This email can be customized and updated at anytime.

TAGG has a variety of ways to receive additional exposure to our full audience or a targeted audience.

  • TAGG Rewards Center (FREE)
  • Ongoing Higher Giving Days (FREE)
  • TAGG Cause of the Month (FREE)
  • Birthday offer
  • Loyalty reward
  • First time customer come-back offer
  • Social media posts
  • News/Offer (on
  • Targeted Text, Email and/or News/Offer
  • Business Directory Feature
  • Logo in Emails
  • Higher Giving Events

When you join TAGG, you’re in good company.

If you sign up, the TAGGers will come. Highly recommend! TAGG is the only organization of its kind that I will work with. The folks there care about the community and it shows!


Business Owner

TAGG is offering a service
that helps any business and all types of organizations.
Better together!!


Business Owner

What a great marketing value! We are promoted by TAGG, as well as by the many organizations using TAGG to raise funds. It’s nice to see new customers showing up each month on my reports.


Business Owner


What is the cost to participate in TAGG?

The cost to join TAGG is currently $240 annually or $25 monthly, with the option to selet additional marketing features. 

How many of my customers can I expect to use TAGG?

It depends on many factors including how much you promote it and traction of organizations near you, however a general rule of thumb is less than 5% of your customers.


We can have your business up and running in as quickly as one business day!

How are TAGG donations collected?

In most cases, businesses authorize TAGG to collect donations electronically from a bank account, however they can provide a credit card to remain on file.

Can TAGG expenses be written off?

Most business write TAGG donations and fees off as a marketing expense.

What percentage do businesses donate?

Most business donate 5% of a subtotal amount, however that can be capped. For example, a car dealership may wish to donate 5% up to $50 or $100 each. A restaurant may wish to donate 5% up to $5 or $10 each. Realtors and mortgage lenders may wish to donate $100 per transaction. If you’re unsure, TAGG can provide a recommendation.

How much are businesses donating on average?

The total donations vary greatly depending on business type, number of locations, and more. TAGG would be happy to provide you with an educated guess based on past experience.

How long do I need to participate?

Businesses must participate for at least 12 months, however we have over 97% retention rate with businesses staying on year after year!

How do I Know who is using TAGG at my business?

Businesses will receive a monthly report via email sharing customer name, submitted date, receipt date, transaction subtotal, donation amount, organization supported, satisfaction rating, comment, and if it’s their first TAGG at your business, if they indicated yes or no for first visit.

Joining TAGG is Easy

  • Once registered, we’ll email an agreement and secure payment authorization to sign electronically.
  • We’ll get you added within two business days (unless you specify a later date).
  • Our team will get to work on your promotional announcements.
  • You’ll receive more information on the optional marketing features which can be added at anytime.


We’re here to help! Email us at