General Questions

What areas does TAGG currently serve?

TAGG is currently in the Omaha metro area and has began to grow into Lincoln.

Can I TAGG my purchases without a smartphone?

Purchases can only be TAGGed using an iPhone or Android device. However, you may save your receipts and ask a friend or family member to TAGG them for you using their device.

How long do I have to TAGG my purchase?

For your convenience, you can submit a photo of your receipt anytime within 7 days.  

Am I able to get a tax deduction if I use TAGG?

No. The business is actually making the donation, not yourself.

Is there a cost for TAGG?

There is no cost for people to download and use the app. There are no upfront costs to raise money through TAGG. However, to cover TAGG’s operational costs including building, maintaining, and supporting the app, business development, and customer support, TAGG will retain 15% of funds raised when paying causes. This went into effect July 1, 2016.

When I try to take a picture of the receipt on the TAGG app, my screen is black.

You will need to go in and change your phone’s settings (not within the TAGG app, but you actual Settings icon) to allow the camera.

App Features

How can I share on social media?

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can go into the app’s settings, and sync your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s). By doing so, you will be able to optionally share the TAGG on these social media platforms. To not share, simply slide the toggle to the off position when TAGGing.

Can I earn rewards for TAGGing?

Yes, some TAGG businesses reward their customers for reaching TAGG milestones. Rewards for each business can be found on the bottom of their page on the app (click their name on the business list to see their page). To see your rewards progress, go to the “My TAGG” section on the app.

What is the Friends section on the app?

The “Friends on TAGG” section on the app will show you which of your Facebook and/or Twitter contacts have downloaded TAGG. For this to work, you must have your Facebook or Twitter account synced in TAGG’s settings.

What does the News Feed have?

The news feed includes Facebook posts of businesses you follow and causes you support. It also shows you when someone TAGGs at a business you follow or a cause you support, as well as when your Facebook and/or Twitter friends are TAGGing (if you have synced your Facebook or Twitter accounts in TAGG’s settings)

What can be found in the Settings on the app?

The only thing currently in settings is the option to sync your Facebook and/or Twitter account. This will allow you to optionally share each TAGG, and will also show you when your Facebook and/or Twitter contacts are TAGGing.

Does the app send push notifications when new businesses are added (or any other news)?

Yes. We do periodically send push notifications. This is typically done a few times per week or less when a new business is added or when there is a new app feature to inform users of. To turn push notifications on or off, you must go to the Settings on your phone (not within the app), find the TAGG app, and turn push notifications to ON or OFF.

Why does the app ask me to allow to track my location?

If you have an iPhone, we would like to send you a push notification when you are at or near a TAGG business to remind you to TAGG your purchase. Location services must be set to “Always” and push notifications must be allowed for this feature to work. You can turn them off or on by going to your phone’s settings, not app settings, and finding the TAGG app.

Tracking, Reports & Payment

How can I see how much has been raised?

An organization can see how much has been raised anytime (as a whole) by clicking on their name on the app to open their page. This does not show a breakdown of sub-organizations/teams or members, if applicable. TAGG provides a monthly report (by email) to all organizations, teams, and members on TAGG, as long as the organization has raised at least $25.

What if I have a question about my TAGG account?

Please email us at hello@togetheragreater good, or call  402-715-5230.

How is money distributed?

TAGG collects all donations from the businesses and deposits them electronically into the organization (or team’s) bank account. Quarterly payments are made to causes electronically on or around the 20th of the month for the previous quarter’s TAGG activity, however are not made until the balance due has reached at least $25. Each cause receiving a payment will be emailed a detailed TAGG activity report. Payouts are as follows:

  • January – March Taggs – paid out in April
  • April – June TAGGs – paid out in July
  • July – September TAGGs – paid out in October
  • October – December TAGGs – paid out in January
  • If your team (or sub-organization) does not have their own account, the funds will go directly to the organization to be credited to your team (or sub-organization).
How long does a receipt take to approve?

During the week, TAGGs are generally approved within 4 hours. On weekends, TAGGs can take up to 48 hours for approval.

How do we provide our bank information to TAGG to receive funds?

You can email your completed ACH form to

If you need a form, please email to get one.

Business Questions

How do I know if a business is on TAGG?
  • They should have a TAGG window sticker in their entrance.
  • They are listed here on our website.
  • They are listed on the app (blue Businesses button).
How do I request or refer a business to join TAGG?
  • You can request businesses by clicking here. We are in the process of creating a referral program, where you will be compensated for referring a business who joins TAGG.
Do you have a Business Referral Program?

Yes! Learn more about our Business Referral Program here.  

Blatt's Westroads location is not showing up.

Blatt Beer & Table in Westroads Mall is on the app under Flagship Commons.

Cause Questions

Are there any requirements for a Cause staying on TAGG?

We ask that you stay active by promoting TAGG to your supporters. If you have no TAGG activity for 3 consecutive months, you may be removed.

What if the cause(s) I wish to support are not on TAGG?

The best thing to do would be to tell them to visit this website to learn more and get registered (it’s free). You can also click here to suggest a cause, and when time allows, we will reach out to them to let them know they’ve been requested.

What does it cost to receive funds through TAGG?

There are no upfront costs to be registered to receive funds through TAGG. However, we do retain 15% of what is raised. This covers the cost of sending electronic payments to you. If you need a check, there is an additional charge of $2.00 per check processed.

What is the best way to communicate TAGG to potential supporters?

For your convenience, TAGG has created a toolkit to make communication simple.

I cannot figure out how to log in to see our activity.

Currently, only businesses have log in credentials to TAGG.  Organizations and teams receive monthly reports.

Teams/Sub-Organizations & Members

How do I select a specific team/sub-organization or member on the app?

When you are TAGGing a purchase, you will first need to choose the organization that the team/sub-organization or member belongs to, then the team/sub-organization (if applicable), then the member. After the first time, the name of the organization will appear on the app at the top for future TAGGs (preventing you from having to scroll through the entire list of organizations every time).  You will still need to choose your team/sub-organization or member after selecting the organization each time.

How do we know how much money a team has raised?

The contact person for each team will receive a detailed report quarterly by email on or around the 15th (as long as the organization the team is part of has raised at least $25).  If the team has not raised at least $25, funds will be rolled to the next quarter. This report will show the supporter, business, and amount raised. It is up to the contact person to share this information with the team.

How do we know how much money a member has raised?

The contact person for that member’s team/organization will receive a detailed report quarterly by email on or around the 15th (as long as the organization the team is part of has raised at least $25). Members must raise $25 per quarter to be paid out, otherwise their funds will roll to the next quarter. In some cases, reports are sent by email to the email associated with each member. These reports will show the supporter, business, and amount raised. It is up to the contact person to share this information with the team if member reports are not sent.

How can we add or remove or update teams/sub-organizations or members to an existing organization?

Once an organization has been registered, you must contact TAGG to make any changes to the account.  Call 402-715-5230 or contact us

I see our organization on the app but not our team.

Your team is chosen while you are TAGGing a purchase.  First you will choose your organization and then choose the specific team you want to support. You can confirm your team is actually loaded on the app by choosing the organization’s page and all teams are listed on there.