App Questions 

How do I download the TAGG (Together A Greater Good) app?

The free app can be found in the App Store (for iPhones) or in Google Play (for Android phones). Search “Together A Greater Good”. The app is not intended for tablets. 



Why does the app say "tagg" wants to use "" to allow the app and website to share information about you?

This message is a newer requirement that Apple has in place due to new government regulations to protect themselves from privacy issues, and we are unable to edit the content on this pop-up. Please rest assured that we only track donation activity to share with organizations and businesses for purposes of collecting and distributing funds. We do not sell any information, or share any other information. Major apps including Yelp and OpenTable have a similar message depending on the method you use to log-in. You will need to press “continue” to use the app. 



How do I use TAGG?

Click here for a quick video tutorial, or click here for printable instructions. 

Why does the app ask me to allow location services?

The TAGG app uses “near-me” functionality and map view to enhance the user’s experience by displaying businesses nearest your current location, or a future destination. This requires your location setting to be enabled while using the app. 

How long do I have to submit my receipt?

Although some exceptions are made, we ask that you submit your receipt within 14 days of the receipt date to ensure it is approved. 

Why is my Hy-Vee receipt denied?

Here are the most common reasons that Hy-Vee receipts are being denied? See full details here.

1) Photo must include the ENTIRE receipt 

We need you to submit a picture of the ENTIRE receipt (from top to bottom). The entire receipt is necessary to ensure we are not approving any excluded items and also provides the information found at the very bottom (transaction number, date, store). We understand that long receipts can be difficult, and are looking into updating our app to allow for multiple or extended receipt images, however in the meantime we recommend you either cut the receipt in half and place next to each other for the image OR lay it flat on the floor and take and overhead shot. Although the receipt image is small, we are able to zoom in to retreive the information needed to approve the TAGG.

e-receipts: An exception to this rule is for e-receipts. Because it’s challenging to capture a full long receipt on a computer screen, we are asking for, at minimum, the transaction total through the very bottom (transaction number, date, store) which is the same information circled in the image below.

If your receipt(s) were denied for this reason and you still have them, we encourage you to resubmit them for approval.

2) Pharmacy Prescriptions, Postage and other Exclusions: Pharmacy prescriptions, gift cards, postage, prepaid debit cards, lotto, money orders, Western Union and money transfers. The denied reason will show up as “See business exclusions”.

3) Receipts dated prior to Hy-Vee’s first participation date (October 21, 2019): Any receipt submitted that is dated 10/20 or before will be denied because Hy-Vee joined TAGG on October 21st. The denial reason will show up as “Business location was not live yet”

4) Hy-Vee location not on TAGG. Participating locations at this time are all of Omaha, Council Bluffs, Papillion, Fremont and Plattsmouth. Any Hy-Vee receipts submitted from non-participating locations will be denied. The denial reason will show up as “Location not on TAGG”.  


Is there a limit to how many receipts I can TAGG per location per day?

As of January 1, 2020, you can only TAGG 3 receipts per business location per receipt date with the exception of DJ’s Dugout. Any above 3 will be denied. DJ’s Dugout is limited to 1 TAGG per receipt date. While we understand your desire to maximize the TAGG donations, the idea is encourage everyone to TAGG their own receipts. By doing so, they are more likely to continue TAGGing at other locations, which should result in a larger impact.

What does it mean if a receipt is denied due to reason "location's monthly budget met"?

Some business locations have a monthly donation budget through TAGG, for example $1,000 per month. Once a business location meets their monthly donation budget, any submitted TAGGs during the remainder of the month will be denied. 

How do I view my TAGG activity?

To view your TAGG activity, go to the “My TAGG” page on the app. Here you will see your TAGG history included any pending, denied, or approved TAGGs. If a TAGG is denied, you can click on it (press down on Androids) to view the denied reason. 

Why is my TAGG denied?

There are several reasons why a TAGG may be denied. To view the reason, to to the “My TAGG” page on the app. If a TAGG is denied, you can click on it (press down on Androids) to view the denied reason. 

Does the app send push notifications?

The newest version of the app (released April 1, 2019) does not have push notifications. However, this functionality will be added in the near future. The goal is for TAGG to alert you when new businesses are added, inform you of important updates and let you know when you are near a TAGG business. There will be an ability to turn notifications off in the app’s settings. 

Can I earn rewards for TAGGing?

Yes, some TAGG businesses reward their customers for reaching TAGG milestones. You can click on the rewards icon in the upper left to see rewards available and your status towards earning them.

What does the News Feed have?
Several things appear on the News Feed:

  • TAGG News & Updates 
  • If you are logged in with Facebook, you will see which organizations your Facebook friends (also logged in with Facebook) are supporting, and where they are TAGGing.
  • Facebook posts of organizations you support will pull through to the app’s news feed
  • In the future you will also see updates from Businesses you are a fan of appear in the news feed 
How can I share on social media?
After you TAGG, you will be given the option to share your TAGG on Facebook, Twitter or Instragram simply by clicking on their icon on the completed TAGG page. 
General Questions
What areas does TAGG currently serve?
TAGG is currently in the Omaha metro area and has started to grow into Lincoln. Please contact us if you have interest in having TAGG in your city. 
Can I TAGG my purchases without a smartphone?
Purchases can only be TAGGed using an iPhone or Android device. However, you may save your receipts and ask a friend or family member to TAGG them for you using their device.
How long do I have to TAGG my purchase?
For your convenience, you can submit a photo of your receipt anytime within 7 days. If it’s been longer than 7 days, go ahead and submit it and they will be approved on a case by case basis. 
Am I able to get a tax deduction if I use TAGG?
No. The business is actually making the donation, not yourself.
Is there a cost for TAGG?
Tracking, Reports & Payment
How can I see how much has been raised?
An organization can see how much has been raised anytime (as a whole) by clicking on their name on the app to open their page. This does not show a breakdown of sub-organizations/teams or members, if applicable. TAGG provides a monthly report (by email) to all organizations, teams, and members on TAGG, as long as the organization has raised at least $25.
What if I have a question about my TAGG account?
How is money distributed?

TAGG collects all donations from the businesses and deposits them electronically into the organization (or team’s) bank account.

Please see full terms at

How long does a receipt take to approve?

During the week, TAGGs are generally approved within 48 hours. On weekends, TAGGs will take longer for approval.

How do we provide our bank information to TAGG to receive funds?
You can email your completed bank deposit authorization form to
Business Questions
How do I know if a business is on TAGG?
  • They should have a TAGG window sticker in their entrance.
  • They are listed here on our website.
  • They are listed on the app (Businesses button).
How can my business learn more or join TAGG?
We would love to hear from you! Businesses interested in joining TAGG can email us or visit for more information about the benefits of the TAGG program for businesses. 
How do I request or refer a business to join TAGG?
  • You can request businesses by clicking here. You can earn $50 for connecting us to a business who joins TAGG. 
Do you have a Business Referral Program?
Yes! Learn more about our Business Referral Program here.  
Cause Questions
The organization I want to support is not listed on the TAGG app.
The best thing to do would be to tell them to visit this website to learn more and get registered (it’s free). 
How can a new organization get registered to raise money through TAGG?
Visit our website at to learn more and get registered (for free). Please note that organizations that want to raise money at a team/club or member level will need to contact TAGG for assistance. 
Are there any requirements for a Cause to stay on TAGG?

TAGG’s goal is to be a fundraising partner for organizations, not a “set it and forget it” program. Continuous activity reassures TAGG that we are fulfilling our promise to our business partners that their donations are going to organizations promoting their contribution to the community. Organizations may be removed for continuous years of inactivity.

Please see full terms at

What does it cost to receive funds through TAGG?
What is the best way to communicate TAGG to potential supporters?
For your convenience, TAGG has created a toolkit to make communication simple.
I cannot figure out how to log in to see our activity.
Currently, only businesses have log in credentials to TAGG.  Organizations and teams receive monthly reports.
Teams/Sub-Organizations & Members
How do I select a specific team/sub-organization or member on the app?
On the new app, you will only need to select them once and they will be pre-saved. When going to TAGG a purchase, you can search for the Organization Name, ,and if that organization has Teams/Groups or Members to select it will prompt you to do so. You may also ahead of time go to “Organizations” (found in the ‘More’ menu) and find the Organization there, and choose “Support us” where you will then be promoted to make your team/group and/or individual selections. If your team or member is not yet listed on the app, please contact us to request they be added. 
How do we know how much money a team has raised?

The contact person for each team will receive a detailed report quarterly by email on or around the 20th. This report will show the supporter, business, and amount raised. It is up to the contact person to share this information with the team.

How do we know how much money a member has raised?

The contact person for that member’s team/organization will receive a detailed report quarterly by email on or around the 20th. In some cases, reports are sent by email to the email associated with each member. These reports will show the supporter, business, and amount raised. It is up to the contact person to share this information with the team if member reports are not sent.

How can we add or remove or update teams/sub-organizations or members to an existing organization?

Once an organization has been registered, you must contact TAGG to make any changes to the account. Email us at