Refer Businesses to
TAGG and Earn!

Did you know you can earn money simply by letting your favorite business(es) know about TAGG? That’s right! Encourage a community-minded business to learn more about the benefits of participating in TAGG, and earn $25 or $50 when they join (depending on their plan they choose). 

Great ways to Refer Businesses

An easy way to reach out to a business is to message them on their Facebook or Instagram page, by email, or through their website. 

While you’re at a business, ask for a manager or owner and let them know!  

What to say: 
In your own words, let them know you would like to see them on TAGG because you like to choose businesses that participate since they’ll donate a percentage to your organization of choice.
Optionally share some of the businesses that are on TAGG and tell them you would be happy to have 
someone from TAGG reach out to them. You may also wish to let them know they can learn more and join
by visiting TAGG’s website at and to mention your name when joining! 

Who did you refer?
Make them count!

After you talk to or message a business, and submit your referral form. You’ll receive $50 if they join on our Annual Fee or Monthly Fee Plan, and $25 if the business joins on our Select Business (Discounted) Plan or Easy Start Plan. 

Want to request businesses but not refer them? No problem. Complete this form to tell us which business(es) you want to see on TAGG, and we will reach out! Requests do not qualify for a referral bonus. For a referral bonus, please reach out to the business, then submit a referral form (above). 

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