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Tell your favorite businesses about TAGG, and earn
up to $50 when they join! 

TAGG provides businesses an effortless way to attract new and repeat customers, while giving back to the organizations that matter to their customers.

 After you’ve made contact with a business to encourage them to join TAGG, please submit a referral form. You will receive $25 or $50 when they join, depending on the type of business and plan they choose.

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Not interested in referring businesses, but have businesses you would like to see on TAGG? No problem.
Send us an email with your suggestions. 

Ways to Refer Businesses

There’s no right or wrong way to share TAGG with businesses. The most important thing is that they understand why you use TAGG (let them know which school, nonprofit or team you TAGG for) and that it is a win-win for local businesses and organizations. People go out of their way to choose businesses that participate in TAGG, because it impacts their organization of choice!

Whether in person at the business or over the phone, ask to speak to a manager or owner.

Send a message on the business’s social media page or send an email.

We encourage you to send them to our website which includes a 2-minute overview video: