Refer your favorite businesses to TAGG. You can earn $200 when they join!*

Let the business know you would like to see them on TAGG.
In person is best (ask for a manager or owner) however you can also call, email or message them through their website or social media. 

Ask if they are willing to learn more about TAGG and ask if they prefer phone, email or in person. TAGG will take care of following up, you are just making the connection!

Submit a referral form.
Once the manager or owner is expecting to hear from TAGG, complete this form to provide more details and the contact information.  

Earn when they join

TAGG will reach out to the business to help them make an informed decision!

If you submit a qualified referral and the business joins, it will result in a $200 payment if the business is a brick and mortar establishment in one of the following categories: Food/Drink, Retail, Salon/Spa, Auto Care, or Things to Do.

Additional Referral Details

  • Qualified referrals that are not a brick and mortar establishment in one of the following categories will result in a $50 referral bonus: Food/Drink, Retail, Salon/Spa, Auto Care, Things to Do.  
  • Please do not submit a referral unless you’ve already reached out to the business, have a contact name (of a decision maker for the business) and they are expecting TAGG to reach out with more information.
  • Referrals will expire 3 months after they are submitted, and in rare cases, referral compensation may need to be split if more than one person referred the same business.
  • A decision maker at the business cannot be the one submitting and receiving the referral.

Business Requests

Not interested in referring businesses, but still want to let us know which business(es) you would like to see on TAGG? Let us know!
These do not qualify for referral compensation.