Please allow 2 business days for points to be added to your account. TAGGers will begin earning points on March 21, 2022. Your points balance can be found in your account at

Points Schedule

Points will be earned when you reach the following milestones, plus other ways to earn points will be communicated via social media, email and text:

  • Raise $10: 10 Points
  • Raise $25: 25 Points
  • Raise $50: 50 Points
  • Every $10 Raised: 10 Points

How to Redeem Points: To redeem your points for rewards, click on the blue button and complete the form to make your reward selection(s).

Timing of Rewards:

  • Bonus Donations will be applied to the balance of the school, nonprofit or team/member you select (when requesting your Bonus Donation), at the beginning of the following month so it is available before the next payout is made.
  • TAGG Swag and Business Rewards will be sent twice per month (the business day after the 15th and the last day of each month). 

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