Help raise funds for rude shrimp co.

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Visit tagg businesses

Visit any participating TAGG business.

TAGG businesses donate a percentage of your purchases back to your choice when you upload your receipt to

The average donation is $1.75!

If you get dinner at Blue Sushi and your bill is $100 – that will result in a $5 donation!




1)  Upload your receipts to

2)  Select org Rude Shrimp Co. Rebuilds

3)  The business you visited will donate a % (usually 5%) back to Rude Shrimp Co.

100% of funds raised will be sent to them! TAGG will retain absolutely no money. 


Help Spread the Word

COPY & PASTE content below:

Help me raise funds for The Rude Shrimp Co. who lost their restaurant and home to hurricane Ian.


1)  Visit any participating TAGG business. There’s over 400+ local businesses on TAGG!

2)  Upload your receipt to the site & select org Rude Shrimp Co. Rebuilds.

3)  The business will donate a % to Rude Shrimp Co. Rebuilds at no extra cost to you!


TAGG is the EASIEST way to raise money & is free to use. The average TAGG donation is $1.75!


If we had 6,000 people upload ONE receipt  to for Rude Shrimp Co. Rebuilds we could raise $10,500 for TJ and Lisa.


RUde shrimp Co. rebuilds

Rude Shrimp Co. was a former TAGG business and our next door office neighbors until earlier this year when our building was sold and they moved Rude Shrimp to Florida. They were the very best drink makers, fish taco and queso creators and just overall wonderful people. If you have been to Rude Shrimp you know it’s a little piece of heaven and by a beach is perfection! 

As we have watched this past week unfold in Ft. Myers, Lisa & TJ have lost not only their business but their home. Based on the destruction level in Ft. Myers it will take years to rebuild, but we want to support them in whatever way we can. 

TAGG has added “Rude Shrimp Rebuilds” to our website to allow everyone to consider “TAGGing” for them.
If you’re unfamiliar with TAGG, we have a base of several hundred amazing businesses who will donate a percentage (usually 5%) to your cause of choice.
It’s very easy…you just take a photo/screenshot your receipt, and when you choose Rude Shrimp Rebuilds, 100% of funds raised will be sent to them. TAGG will retain no money.
We want to do our part in supporting them! If even 1/3 of our TAGGers would TAGG once for them…the impact would be huge. Please keep them and all of the families impacted during this hurricane in your thoughts and prayers.  Click to see how to get started. 


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