Tips to raise more funds


Ask your supporters

Ask friends & supporters

Ask friends, family, supporters, employees, non-donors to save their receipts from participating TAGG businesses!

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  • Share a business list
  • Send text or email
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Having someone TAGG is the easiest ask!

If I am at a table with a bunch of people I am always telling them about TAGG and showing them how to TAGG their purchase.

$850 Raised

Michelle Hurt - Chariots4Hope Founder

DISCOVER tagg businesses


Always stay up to date on what businesses are on TAGG. Below are the ways you can find participating businesses:

Business Directory

    • Filter by Market, Category, Special Features & more.

    • On the homepage of under select a bussiness > click choose.
    • View businesses Nearby, Alphabetical, Recent, or Popular order.

Business & Catering Lists

    • Updated Weekly


    I raised $10 in one week by choosing TAGG businesses!

    Lunch from HF Crave = $3.03 donation
    Happy Hour at Local Beer, Patio, and Kitchen Millard = $3.20 donation
    Dinner at Blue Sushi Sake Grill = $3.83 donation 
    Gas from U-Stop Shops = $0.77 donation
    $237 Raised

    Hanna Stock - TAGG User


    TAGG Your Digital Receipts

    No receipt? No problem! Don’t miss out on donations because you don’t have a paper receipt.

    See what qualifies as a digital receipt here.


    Questions?  See FAQ’s or let us know here!

    Have receipts you forgot to TAGG?  Don’t worry, you have 30 days to upload them at

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