People share their TAGG on social media promoting you

Number of Businesses Ready to Support You Every day

Dollars Raised by the Average TAGGer Annually

100% Participation
TAGG allows anyone to be a supporter! Enable your staff and congregation to financially contribute as they eat, drink and shop. They will be happy to since it doesn’t cost them an extra dime!
Great Exposure
75% of people share their TAGGs on social media, becoming your best form of advertising! Friends influence their friends on where to worship.
Support Specific Initiatives or Campaigns
Need to raise funds for something specific, such as a new building or youth trip? TAGG allows you to register multiple sub-organizations, and even individual members if necessary, allowing people to choose more specifically where their TAGGed donation goes.
Easy to Promote
TAGG provides a toolkit to make promoting TAGG to your supporters quick and easy.
No Credit Card Required
Supporters simply snap a picture of their receipt or the business’s QR code, and you get the donation! We are not tied to any credit card or financial data so there is no risk, and everyone can participate.
Your Next Generation of Supporters
TAGG allows you to engage your next generation of supporters by making giving easy, convenient, mobile and social.

What people are saying

“I love how TAGG has allowed me to double how much I give to my church each month, without affecting my own budget!”  Mary – TAGGer


“Our church doesn’t allow traditional fundraising. We’ve really appreciated being able to implement TAGG to raise necessary funds for our youth trips, since we don’t have to sell anything.”  Sue – Church Staff


“I’m in college, so I don’t have time to volunteer or money to donate. TAGG allows me to do my part by doing every day activities. I’m a little addicted!”  Shelby – TAGGer


Registration & Payment Information

  • Places of worship can register below, but must return a completed bank authorization form in order to be approved (listed on the app). This must be completed so TAGG can electronically deposit funds raised through the app directly to the place of worship’s bank account.
  • Registrants will be asked to enter the place of worship’s 501(c)(3) number and provide contact information for a person actively involved with the organization. This person will receive the monthly activity reports and other helpful communication from TAGG to support the program’s success. Individuals may update their information by emailing hello@togetheragreatergood.com.
  • There are no upfront costs when registering to raise funds through TAGG. Effective April 1, 2020, TAGG will retain $10 per quarter plus 15% of funds raised from the place of worship’s TAGG balance to cover operational costs of maintaining the app, reporting distribution and providing customer support.
  • Once a place of worship registers on TAGG, it will be assigned a Community Ambassador who will explain the best ways to maximize the app, review the best techniques to gain traction and review TAGG’s step-by-step launch kit.
  • Quarterly payments are made to places of worship electronically on or around the 20th of the month for the previous quarter’s TAGG activity. Effective July 1, 2020, all funds will be paid out each quarter, with the $10 fee and 15% donation amount deducted from the amount distributed, regardless of how much has been raised. Payouts are as follows:
    • January – March TAGGs – paid out in April
    • April – June TAGGs – paid out in July
    • July – September TAGGs – paid out in October
    • October – December TAGGs – paid out in January
  • It is important for organizations to maintain TAGG activity to remain active on the app.
    • TAGG’s goal is to be a fundraising partner for organizations, not a “set it and forget it” program. Continuous activity reassures TAGG’s business partners that their donations are going to organizations actively contributing to the community.
    • Organizations wanting support are encouraged to utilize the resources provided in TAGG’s complimentary toolkit.

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