Payout Information and Fundraising Terms

If you’re with Elkhorn Athletics Association, view payout terms + FAQs here.

Payout Request Form:

Monthly Recaps:

  • Each month, the contact person(s) on file for all nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs, and members will receive an emailed recap including funds raised, current balance, and when the next payout will be OR the option to request a payout.
  • Recaps Schedule: 
    • Nonprofits, Schools, Places of Worship, and Teams/Clubs: 10th of each month
    • Members: 15th of each month
  • At least one email address must be subscribed and on file to remain active to ensure we can send recaps.
  • If you unsubscribe and/or your email bounces, TAGG will make one attempt to get a new contact or get you to resubscribe. After 30 days of no response or resubscribing, we will turn your account to inactive, and no more funds can be raised.

TAGG for Teachers ONLY: 

  • Recaps will be emailed to you each month on the 15th. Please be sure to use an email you check regularly, if not your school’s email address.
  • 80% of all funds raised will go directly to teacher and 20% will be given to the school (after TAGG’s % is retained).
  • Checks will be made payable to the teacher and mailed in December and May to the school for distribution. If funds are under $15 for December, no funds will be paid out but will be rolled over and paid out with the May check. 

How to Ensure You Are Getting Our Emails: 

  • Please add to your email contact list to avoid going to spam.
  • If you need to resubscribe, click here.
  • Need to update your contact on file? Email

Timing of Payouts & Requests:

  • Funds are processed on the 5th business day of each month (usually takes two days to appear for electronic payments).
  • Payout requests must be made by the last day of the month prior to the payout month (ex. August payouts must be requested by July 31).
  • A payout email and TAGG Activity Report will be emailed to all nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs.
  • A TAGG Activity Report for members will be provided upon request only.
  • Each December, all organizations who have been on TAGG for the full calendar year and have not received a payout will be contacted to ensure recaps are being received.

Scheduled Payout Months:

  • To schedule payout months upfront (versus requesting from recaps), contact us.

Payout Minimums:

  • TAGG does not require a payout minimum, however some organizations may require them. If balances don’t meet a minimum payout requirement, funds will continue to roll over until a future payout. 

Payout Fees:

  • Nonprofits, places of worship, schools, teams and clubs: TAGG will deduct $2.50 from each payout, in addition to the 15% of funds raised. An additional $5.00 will be deducted if a physical check mailed is required. 
  • Member-level fundraising: TAGG will deduct $1.00 per member from each payout, in addition to the 15% of funds raised, if funds are distributed by the team or organization. Any members receiving funds directly will pay $2.50 for an electronic deposit or $5.00 for a physical check mailed. 

Payout Schedule:

Requested Payout Month Includes Funds Raised Through: Month Funds Will be Received
January November February
February December  March
March January  April
April February  May
May March  June
June April  July
July May  August
August June  September
September July  October
October August  November
November September  December
December October  January

Payout Method:

TAGG deposits all funds electronically unless an alternative method was discussed and agreed upon with TAGG.

Inactivity/Removal from TAGG:

TAGG’s goal is to be a successful fundraising program, not a “set it and forget it” program. Continuous activity reassures TAGG that we are fulfilling our promise to our business partners that their donations are going to organizations promoting their contribution to the community. Organizations will be removed after one year of inactivity.

  • If you have had no TAGG activity and/or we no longer have a contact for TAGG (due to unsubscribing or bounced email) for a full 12 months and if the balance due is less than $25, funds will be forfeited and the account will be deactivated from TAGG.
  • If you have had no TAGG activity and/or we no longer having a contact for TAGG (due to unsubscribing or bounced email) for a full 12 months and if the balance raised is greater than $25, funds will be mailed by check, along with a notification that the account will be deactivated from TAGG.

Members Change Form: 

Members that are fundraising at an individual level and need to request that funds raised are transferred to a different organization/team/club can complete our change form here.

Update Bank Information

This can be done electronically by clicking the link here.

Questions? Please email us at: