We understand that the costs of participating in sports and activities can really take a hit to the wallet.
With TAGG, we make it as easy as possible so you can raise funds all year long to help offset the costs,
all while supporting local businesses.

Raise Money As A Team
or at a Member Level

TAGG offers the flexibility to support your fundraising efforts at the level that makes sense for you. Teams can raise money as a team, or can choose to have TAGG funds tracked at a member level (if organizations or teams are able and willing to apply funds to a member’s account). Register just the team or add members, so that when people go to “TAGG” a purchase, they can select the team and/or member they wish to support.

Teams can raise money as a team or individually.

Raise money without having to sell anything or ask people for monetary donations.

Gain support from ANYONE because it doesn’t cost an extra dime!

How it works

Discover over 350+ participating businesses who give back on TAGG every day!

Visit TAGG.today to upload your receipt and choose your organization, team and/or member (must be registered).

The business will donate a percentage of your total to the team or team member, at no extra cost to you!

Coaches AND Parents love fundraising with TAGG!

We push TAGG to all of our team members to help the parents offset costs of playing baseball each year. It’s easy to use and a much more convenient to meet our fundraising goal without the stress of selling.


Baseball Coach

Competitive dance can get so pricey with all the travel we do. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to raise money simply by making sure I visit TAGG businesses.


Dance Mom

How do we track progress and receive payouts?

Each month, youth sports organizations, teams and members with email addresses on file will receive a monthly recap via email sharing how much was raised along with your current balance and the option to request a payout. Therefore, we require at least one active email address to receive funds and remain on TAGG. See all payout info here.

Interested? We’re Here to Help!

Please email hello@togetheragreatergood.com with any questions.

Materials to Share

Need some information to share before getting registered? View Video and download a Business List.

Teams & Members

Click here to register your team or member.


If you are with a youth sports organization interested in allowing your teams and/or members raise money, click here to get started.