TAGG is the future of giving! TAGG provides companies a hassle-free way to show community support while engaging your employees in the good! Reinvigorate your workplace donations with TAGG, giving your employees another reason to be proud to work there!


TAGG is a WIN-WIN for companies,  employees, and the community!

Receive community goodwill by making a positive impact to the community (without writing a check)!

Gain support from ALL employees, because it doesn’t cost an extra dime!

How it works

Register your company’s workplace giving on TAGG, and encourage employees to visit TAGG.today.

Employees “TAGG” their purchases by choosing your workplace giving and submitting a photo of their receipts from participating businesses. Each business will donate a percentage of the total to your workplace giving account!

When you receive the donations from TAGG, ask employees to vote for a nonprofit to give the funds to, or let the employee who TAGGed the most decide. The options are endless!

Companies, Employees AND Causes Love TAGG!

We love giving back to our community! Recently, we were able to raise $178.47 last quarter through the TAGG program. As the top TAGGer, our receptionist Renee chose the Nebraska Kidney Association to receive our TAGG funds. 

CQuence Health Group

Workplace Giving Company

In our marketing meeting, we are enjoying some delicous coffee from Karma Koffee this morning and proudly TAGGing our receipt for our workplace giving program!


CQuence Health Group

THANK YOU to CQuence Health Group and TAGG for their visit to Community Alliance today! Thank you Justin for organizing a workplace giving program to encourage co-workers to TAGG their purchases for Community Alliance!! You are all awesome people with amazing hearts!

Community Alliance


How do we track progress and receive payouts?

Each month, you will receive a monthly recap sharing how much was raised along with the current balance and the option to request a payout. See all payout info here.

Interested? We’re Here to Help!

We can’t wait to contribute to your community-minded culture! Please email hello@togetheragreatergood.com to request information on starting a workplace giving program for your company.