This toolkit includes tips and tools to help you get people “TAGGing” for you.
See how easily each TAGG donation really adds up!


Library of Images + TAGG Logos

Below are dozens of images as well as TAGG logos you can download and use to promote TAGG to your supporters via social media, email and newsletters.

It’s much easier to promote TAGG if you understand how it works yourself! Even better, recruit someone to be your TAGG Cheerleader
to help you spread the word and reach a goal!

If you haven’t use it yet:

  • Download the free app
  • Try a practice receipt (see Tip 4).
  • Then, click here for a full business list so you can keep TAGGing.

People love to support something when they know they are helping to reach a GOAL! Determine your TAGG goal and use of the funds, ask your supporters to help you reach it, and provide regular updates towards the goal! Click here for a thermometer image you can update and screen shot to share. 

Sign up for our challenge, then get just 30 new people to TAGG a receipt for your nonprofit within 3-months. Not only will you have 30 people who are likely to keep TAGGing for you, but you’ll receive our FREE Promo Pack, full of tools and promotion to help you gain support through TAGG! Practice receipts DO count, so you’re only 30 practice receipts away from earning your FREE Promo Pack!


Now that you have a goal, let’s get people to help you reach it! The practice receipt is a great way to show people how easy it is to TAGG!  Plus, TAGG donates 50¢ for each new user who submits the practice receipt! Access digital file.

Ways to share the practice receipt:

  • In person
  • Send an email
  • Social media
  • Newsletters

Employees, board or guild members, and volunteers should be the first to know and understand TAGG! Meeting Ideas:

  • Pass out business lists, and ask people to identify participaitng businesses they already go to, or new ones they may wish to try.  
  • Provide donuts or cookies for anyone who downloads the app and shows they did a TAGG (can be the practice receipt) 
  • Challenge them to TAGG before the next meeting to be entered into a drawing.

Utilize events to spread the word to supporters! 

  • Make an announcement asking people to download the app (hand out practice receipts so they can try their first TAGG)
  • Have a drawing for anyone who shows they’ve done the practice receipt (or a real TAGG)
  • Pass out business lists 

Include a TAGG reminder in every newsletter and post regularly on social media. A library of images can be found below.

  • General reminders to keep TAGG top of mind
  • Share a goal, and progress throughout the year
  • Recognize your TAGGers
  • Post a challenge or contest
  • Share TAGG’s posts (on social media)


People love contests and prizes, so make TAGGing fun! 

  • Enter every TAGG into a drawing each month (or when you reach TAGG milestones).
  • Ask a participating TAGG business if they will donate a gift card then encourage all of your supporters to go there and TAGG for you to be entered to win the gift card.
  • The options are endless! 

Add TAGG to your website so that your supporters know about this free way to support you!  If there’s a a specific page sharing various ways to support your organization, that is a good spot. Images can be found in the image library below, and you can link to the download page:

It is extremely important to thank your TAGGers so they want to keep TAGGing! When you recieve your TAGG report (when you request a payout) it will have email addresses of most of your supporters. Shoot them an email, or if you recognize their name and have their address, handwritten notes are great as well. 

Library of Images + TAGG Logos

Below are dozens of images as well as TAGG logos you can download and use to promote TAGG to your supporters via social media, email and newsletters.

Other Resources

  • TAGG Participating Business List- Link to View
  • TAGG Participating Business List Code (Scan with Camera) 
  • Omaha Participating Business ListDownload List
  • Lincoln Participating Business ListDownload List
  • TAGG Catering List (Omaha) – Link to view or Download List
  • TAGG Overview Video – YouTube Link
  • ‘How to TAGG’ Demo Video YouTube Link
  • Download App Link – Link to Page – Include this link when promoting TAGG online or through email. When this page is accessed from a mobile device, it goes directly to the App Store for that device (Google Play or App Store)