Please use these helpful tools to make asking school families, plus your own friends and family to start TAGGing!  

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Hand out a TAGG Flyer with Treat

Back to School nights are the perfect opportunity to make sure ALL families know about TAGG as the easiest way to raise funds. Download, print and order your own flyers and treats OR let TAGG do all the work including delivering them right to your door! 

Choose your flyer:

Pass out a “HANDS DOWN the easiest way to support the school!” flyer with a sticky hand. 

Tip: Encourage families to create their TAGG.today account now (or show they already have one) for the sticky hand!

Sticky Hands (Amazon) 

Pass out a “COOLEST WAY to raise funds for our school!” flyer with a popsicle or other "cool" treat. 

Tip: Encourage families to create their TAGG.today account now (or show they already have one) for the  popsicle or ice cream! 

Popsicles (Amazon) (Also available at Hy-Vee, which is on TAGG. Find participating Hy-Vee locations here.)



Start with these simple steps.

Introduce to staff

  • Present info at a staff meeting using the presentation or flyer provided.
  • If unable to present at a staff meeting, send an email using the content provided.

Schedule Kick Off Campaign

We reccomend starting with the One-TAGG Challenge campaign, then plan out one or two more to keep the momentum strong. 


The most important thing you can do to keep the momentum is to recognize your TAGG supporters. This will not only keep them TAGGing for the school, but encourage others to do the same! 

  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • School Events 


Share on social media, email, bulltins, and more! 

Business Lists

TAGG for Teachers Flyer

TAGG for Teachers Video

Teacher Tools


Copy and paste the content below to spread the word to friends and family

Will you TAGG for me?


Hey friends and family – will you please “TAGG” for me?!😊

It’s no secret that teachers pay a lot out of pocket for our classrooms and TAGG is an easy way you can help us raise funds!

Everyday, over 400+ businesses like Hy-Vee, Addy’s, Omaha Car Care, Blue Sushi, & Jimmy John’s will donate usually 5% back! Funds raised will be split between the school & my classroom. 

1)  Upload your paper or digital receipts at TAGG.today

2)  Choose <School Name >, TAGG for Teachers , then Me!

A list of participating locations can be found at https://www.togetheragreatergood.com/businesslist

Share a Business List! 


What businesses on this list do you go to?

Did you know they will donate back to my classroom & school?! It’s free for you to use PLUS you can earn points to redeem for business gift cards!🤩

1) Upload your paper or digital receipts at TAGG.today

2) Choose <School Name > TAGG for Tuition > Me!

Show How to TAGG Video


A lot of you ask for ways you can help me with my out of pocket teaching supplies (aka amazon wish lists) and I am so thankful. 

I am excited to share that our school allows us to utilize TAGG for Teachers so now when you are grocery shopping and get gas at Hy-Vee,, dinner at Blue Sushi or Jimmy John’s – you can help me raise funds for my classroom at the same time!

1) Upload your paper or digital receipts at TAGG.today

2) Choose <School Name > TAGG for Teachers > Me!

Watch how easy it is!  

Content for weekly emails

Use these blurbs to remind families to use TAGG and to thank them!

I am excited to share that our school participates in TAGG for Teachers, which gives you an easy way to support our school AND classroom year-round, without spending an extra dime! 

  • TAGG has hundreds of local buisnesse who have agreed to donate a % of your receipt to your school, nonprofit or sports team of choice – every day.
  • When you upload a pic of your receipt to TAGG.today and choose our school, you can also designate a classroom for half of TAGG donation to go to! 
  • How to TAGG Video 
  • Full business list 

Thank you for your support! 

Please consider “TAGGing” for the school and our classroom! Even Hy-Vee alone can really add up! The average Hy-Vee TAGG donation is $0.75! Hy-Vee donates 1% back everyday on all paper + digital receipts including: groceries, catering, floral, Starbucks, gas, alcohol and convenience store purchases!

All you have to do is upload a photo/screenshot of your receipt at TAGG.today – and choose our school, then our classroom to receive half of the donation. Thank you! 

Download Business List | TAGG.today

Did you know there are over 400 local businesses who donate to our school (and classroom) EVERYDAY? Check out the complete list & simply upload your receipts at TAGG.today! When you choose our school, then classroom, we receive half of the TAGG donation. Thank you!

Download Business List | TAGG.today


Have you created your TAGG.today account yet?

TAGG allows you to help our school and my classroom, simply by upload receipts from participating TAGG businesses! Click the image to see how it works!

Download Business List | TAGG.today