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TAGG is the future of fundraising! Our TAGG for Tuition program enables private schools to raise even more money by allowing a portion of every TAGG donation to be applied towards a family’s tuition. This further motivates families to use TAGG which generates more for the  school, making it a WIN-WIN!

Why TAGG for Tuition?

TAGG for Tuition is a WIN WIN because both the school and the families raise money.

Raise money without having to sell anything or ask people for monetary donations.

Gain support from EVERYONE because it doesn’t cost an extra dime!

How it works

Discover over 350+ participating businesses who give back on TAGG every day!

Visit to upload your receipt and choose your school/family (must be registered).

The business will donate a percentage of your total to the school, who will then credit  a portion to your family’s tuition — at no extra cost to you!

Schools AND familes love
TAGG for Tuition!

When we launched TAGG for Tuition, people were excited about the combination of supporting the school and earning money for their tuition! TAGG was very helpful in getting the program set up as well as providing the tools to promote it. 


TAGG for Tuition School Volunteer

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to TAGG for my child’s tuition. Before I knew it my wife and I raised over $200 just from checking the participating businesses before I go out to eat or choose other services. Highly recommend anyone attending a private school to tell them about TAGG for Tuition.


School Parent

TAGG has been such a great way to bring our church and school community together! People love it because it doesn’t feel like a fundraiser and they are motivated to do it because it helps reduce their tuition bill while also making a donation to our general tuition assistance fund.  It’s a win-win!  

Development & Communication Associate

How do we track progress and receive payouts?

Each month, the school as well as each family will receive a recap sharing how much has been raised send via email. Payouts typically happen once or twice per school year and will be determined at the time of registration.  TAGG will provide the school with a report broken down by student(s) so the school can credit tuition accounts accordingly. 

We’re Here to Help!

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