TAGG is thrilled to be mentioned in a blog post on The Gastronom.

Check out the full article at http://www.gastronomblog.com/2016/05/26/drinking-for-a-greater-good-at-the-tavern/  and read our favorite excerpt below:

“[The Tavern owner David Kerr] wants The Tavern to be a place that is the gathering place for the folks in the neighborhood, but at the same time a great place for folks on a date in the Old Market to come for a great night out. He mentioned a number of times that he wants to be involved in his community and be known as a good neighbor, which is why he partners up with Together a Greater Good (TAGG). Together a Greater Good is a local start up that brings together businesses, customers and causes, and helps charitable minded businesses and customers donate to their favorite causes by donating a percentage of the customer purchase. Customers can donate by scanning a QR code or their receipt with their phone using TAGG’s app, and all the hard work is done by TAGG. Causes can include schools or youth groups, charities and non-profits, even youth sports teams. Together a Greater Good currently partners with over 100 businesses like The Tavern in Omaha and Lincoln.”