The wonderful blogger Erin Fairchild teamed up with photographer Heidi Thorson to post an awesome piece about TAGG!

Read the article below and comment your favorite charity at :

“I love food. I love savoring it, I love sharing it with others, and I love when I can use it to do a little good in the world.

My friend Katy is a part of a company in Omaha called Together a Greater Good (TAGG). It brings businesses, causes and people together for the greater good. With TAGG, you can help schools, non-profits and charities of your choice raise money without spending anything more than you already are.

Katy and I were recently at lunch and she asked what I thought about sharing TAGG on my blog. I immediately agreed as TAGG does so much good for our community. Here’s how it works:

You simply download the free smartphone app (TAGG) and use it when making purchases at participating businesses. (There’s over 150 just in Omaha!) These businesses then donate 5% of the purchase back to your organization of choice!

I recently used TAGG while at Beansmith in the Old Market grabbing coffee. All I did was enter my total amount spent at checkout, scan Beansmith’s TAGG code, and pick the charity of my choice I wanted the money donated to. I’m all about giving to animal organizations. They have my heart.

The process was super easy and I loved that I could help make a difference in the world just by eating a pastry and drinking some coffee.

If you love food and supporting causes near and dear to your heart through it I highly recommended using TAGG. There’s minimal effort required to make a big difference in both the world and your local community.”