Fun Fact: $0.69 can truly make a difference and impact the life of students who are economically challenged, who may come from a non-traditional family, who are at-risk, who are struggling with language barriers, or who are dealing with disabilities.

Partnership 4 Kids is a non-profit dedicated to goal setting and mentoring under-served students so they can build hope and help create a foundation for success from kindergarten till they develop careers. The inspiration that comes from Partnership 4 Kids is helping to grow a more positive community while having an even more positive effect on the students they help.

“It has really opened my eyes and showed me that I have more options than I realized.” -Kerica, P4K Graduate

When you TAGG for Partnership 4 Kids you are helping kids reach their professional dreams, no matter what their circumstances are. It only takes $0.69 to make a difference, so download Together A Greater Good and start TAGGing for Partnership 4 Kids!