Did you know….every 1-3 times you TAGG a purchase, you can provide a student at the Literacy Center a practice GED test?!

That’s right…It only takes $6 to make a difference and help improve our community and the quality of life for adults in the Omaha Metropolitan Area.

“I believe that the ability to read dramatically improves the quality of life of an individual and as a result improves the quality of life for the family. That is the reason that I am involved with the Literacy Center.” – Viv Ewing, Literacy Center Board Member

Low-level reading and math skills are the common thread of poverty, incarceration, high dropout rates in schools, and a barrier to understanding basic health, financial and consumer issues.

The Literacy Center’s mission is to address this and empower adults and families by helping them acquire the literacy skills and practices to be active and contributing members of their communities. Over the years, they have adjusted their curriculum to compensate for the ever-changing needs of the community, such as adding GED classes and integrating technology into the lessons.

Thank you, Literacy Center, for the passion you show and services you provide to the community!