Effortless Marketing 

Attract new and repeat customers without lifting a finger. 

Our proven model can simplify your community giving and turn it into a marketing vehicle —because
changing the way your business gives back will have you feeling as good as you look.  

Can you relate?

You regularly receive requests to donate gift cards, or monetary/product donations (from schools, teams, nonprofit organizations). You can’t support all of them, but it’s hard (and time-consuming) to pick and choose.

You’re always looking for ways to attract new customers without heavily discounting AND bring them back more often.

You believe in marketing, but with so many options it’s hard to know how to get the most bang for your buck. 

You’re not alone.
Luckily, we have an easy solution.

We recognize you wear a lot of hats with endless tasks. We work with hundreds of businesses who share the same challenges. Our 3-in-one solution helps you tackle a few of them so you can focus more time on taking care of your customers.

Giving back + marketing
(living in perfect harmony)

Requests for donations aren’t something you asked for when you opened your doors. They just show up. Mail. Email. Phone Calls. In-Person. Facebook Messages, you name it… it can be exhausting. But if you believe in the power of supporting the community (and you should), you can use TAGG’s give back model to turn giving back into your best marketing campaign.

Together, we promote your business to people who are passionate about supporting their favorite school, favorite nonprofits, place of worship, booster club or youth sports team (we call them TAGGers). You let them have a say in where you give back by donating a percentage of what they spend, and they become your next best customers.

I choose a TAGG business whenever possible because it allows me to support my school without spending an extra dime! Thank you TAGG and the amazing businesses for making this possible! 

Kacey - Loyal TAGGer

How does it work?

Be Discovered and Supported (cha ching!)

Local organizations (schools, nonprofits and teams) ask their supporters to download TAGG and choose businesses that will give back a percentage to them.

 Customers simply submit a photo of their receipt to the TAGG app, and choose which organization to support.

Give Back

It’s simple: You agree to donate a percentage (usually 5%) of each transaction that a customer “TAGGs” using our app to their choice of school, nonprofit or team. 

 TAGG takes care of everything from approving the receipt, sending you a valuable report each month, collecting the funds and distributing them on your behalf. 

Look Good & Grow

By empowering you to give to the organizations that matter to your customers, TAGG can drive new customers, keep you top of mind, and give existing customers a reason to come back more often.  Whether it’s a booster club, animal rescue, charity, school, place of worship or team, you can support them ALL, with each donation as a result of a SALE.

Year-round marketing
without lifting a finger

For less than the cost of most advertisement, TAGG can help you be discovered and promoted year-round as a great community partner. Think of us as an extension of your marketing department!

Social media sharing (by customers when they “TAGG” a purchase)

Social media promotion (by TAGG + participating organizations)

In-app promotion

Email marketing

Free signage

We appreciate being promoted by TAGG, as well as by our customers sharing their TAGGs on social media. What a great marketing value! 

Amy - Nu Trend Dry Cleaning

Track your return
on your investment?
Yes please!

Nothing matters if the metrics don’t make sense! The best part is that every donation through TAGG is a result of a paying customer. TAGG provides you with data to track your ROI for your giving and shows you who is coming, how often and what they care about.

You also receive valuable customer feedback (privately)! We will take the good comments and turn them into a social media promotion, and any negative ones we can help connect you to the customer and make it right. 

If you sign up, the TAGGers will come. Highly recommend! TAGG is the only organization of its kind that I will work with. The folks there care about the community and it shows! 

Blair - My Pie Pizza

Save time and money with
less work. Heck yeah!

TAGG handles everything so you can reap all the benefits and warm fuzzies of giving back while freeing up your staff’s time. 

Ensures the validity of all organizations receiving donations

Reviews and approves all submitted transactions

Handles the reporting, giving you invaluable customer data and insights

Distributes funds on your behalf, showing every organization your support

Optionally schedule give-back events without collecting receipts or create marketing materials

Provides cards and content to consistently let organizations and customers know you give back through TAGG

We receive hundreds of donation requests a year, creating a huge demand on time and resources. TAGG allow us to streamline our response process without sacrificing our values of giving back to the community. 

Laurie - Spirit World

Earn major brownie points in the community
Who can resist brownies?

You’re already community-minded. TAGG helps you make it known so it can work for you! 

Never have to say “no” or pick and choose where to donate again. Instead say you give back through TAGG! 

Be enabled to support unlimited organization at any given moment

Build loyalty with your customers by empowering them to choose where you give

Be included on a business list often shared by hundreds of organiztions with their supporters 

Look awesome when customers share their TAGGs on social media


The team at TAGG are fantastic people who care about the community and its people. They are offering a service that helps any and all charities. Better together! 

Dean - Jimmy John's Franchise Owner

When you work with TAGG,
you’re in great company.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our businesses have to say.

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