Average Number of Supporters Per Club/Team

Number of Businesses Ready to Support You Every day

Dollars Raised to the average Team Annually

100% Participation
TAGG allows anyone to be a supporter! Encourage your students, staff, parents, and alumni financially contribute as they eat, drink and shop. They will be happy to since it doesn’t cost them an extra dime!
Social Media Exposure
We make it easy to share your TAGGs on social media to remind other parents to get involved and start TAGGing.
Team/Club or Individual Tracking
TAGG offers the flexibility to allow TAGGers to choose which team or club to support. If each member of a team or club is responsible for reaching a fundraising goal, you can also be registered to allow people to TAGG for individuals within teams/clubs.
Easy to Promote
TAGG provides a toolkit to make promoting TAGG to your supporters quick and easy.
No Credit Card Required
Supporters simply snap a picture of their receipt or the business’s QR code, and you get the donation! We are not tied to any credit card or financial data so there is no risk, and everyone can participate….even students!
Your Next Generation of Supporters
TAGG allows you to engage your next generation of supporters by making giving easy, convenient, mobile and social.  Plus they make great teachers to get parents using the app!

What people are saying

“TAGG came and attended a parent meeting, and before we knew it, we were raising over $100 per month for our team.”  Jack – Track Coach


“I sure wish this would have been around back when I used to be a booster club president!”  Don – TAGGer


“TAGGing is so easy, and so much better than asking friends and family to buy stuff!”  Travis – Band Student


“I have always supported my kids’ high school sports teams, but with TAGG I am definitely contributing more than before without affecting my budget. Great concept.” Sarah – High School Parent


“Awesome app. I love it. I am enjoying finding new places to eat.”  Mychele – TAGGer


Registration & Payment Information

  • Organizations can register below, however if you are a club or team and have your own bank account you must return a completed bank authorization form before you are approved (listed on the app). This must be completed so TAGG can electronically deposit funds raised through the app to your bank account.
  • During registration, you will be asked to enter your 501(c)(3) number and a contact person’s name and contact information. This should be the person who should receive the monthly activity reports and other helpful communication from TAGG to support the program’s success.
  • There are no upfront costs to be registered to receive funds through TAGG. In effect July 1, 2016, 15% of what is raised will be retained by TAGG from your payment to cover operational costs of maintaining the app, business development and customer support.
  • Quarterly payments are made to causes electronically on or around the 20th of the month for the previous quarter’s TAGG activity, however are not made until the balance due has reached at least $25. Each cause receiving a payment will be emailed a detailed TAGG activity report. Payouts are as follows:
    • January – March TAGGs – paid out in April
    • April – June TAGGs – paid out in July
    • July – September TAGGs – paid out in October
    • October – December TAGGs – paid out in January
  • It is important for causes to maintain TAGG activity to remain active on the app. Organizations will be removed after three consecutive months without TAGG activity. We want to honor our commitment to our business partners that our organizations are promoting the program. TAGG provides a toolkit to make promoting TAGG easy.
    • Should your organization be removed from TAGG for inactivity, TAGG will pay out pending your organization has raised at least $15.  If you have not raised at least $15 then funds are forfeited.


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