If you eat, drink, and shop – why not TAGG?


of TAGGers look and feel great by sharing their TAGGs on social media!

New people using TAGG every day!

Causes ready for your support!

What people are saying

“It doesn’t require more than 5 seconds to pull out my phone to TAGG, and I love how friends see my TAGG posts and want to get involved.”  Andrew – TAGGer

“I LOVE TAGG! When my husband and I are deciding where to eat out or fun places to take our grandkids, we make a point to look for places that TAGG. It’s a wonderful way to support local businesses and, at no additional cost to us,
support local causes too!” Cindy – TAGGer

“I’m in college, so I don’t have time to volunteer or money to donate. TAGG allows me to do my part by doing every day activities. I’m a little addicted!” Shelby – TAGGer

“I appreciate the businesses that are donating through TAGG and giving back to our community! I am very intentional about selecting businesses that are a TAGG partner!” Mimi – TAGGer

“Awesome app. I love it. I am enjoying finding new places to eat.” Mychele – TAGGer

Support who you want. When you want.

For Anyone 

TAGG is not only for parents supporting their school or kids activities. Everyone should find a cause they feel good about TAGGing for.

Quick and Easy

Simply snap a picture of your receipt, or scan the cashier’s QR code. Either way, it’s just a few seconds.

Free Donations

Since it’s the businesses making the donation, do your part without spending an extra dime!

Earn Rewards

Some TAGG businesses even reward their loyal TAGGers with free products.

No Credit Card Required

TAGG doesn’t require use of any credit cards or financial information, making it 100% risk free and even okay for kids.

Social Sharing 

Optionally share your TAGGs to show your friends the good you’re doing!

Don’t Be Shy

If you have questions, good stories, or feedback, we want to know!

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