TAGG is Your Local Cause Marketing Vehicle.

When it comes to supporting the community, do you find it difficult to choose which organizations to support or worry that you won’t get a return on investment for your giving? When it comes to customer acquisition or building customer loyalty, are you out of ideas or don’t have the resources to try new things? TAGG helps businesses turn these pains into gains!

TAGG stands for Together A Greater Good because we bring local businesses and organizations TOGETHER for a mutual benefit! 

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Social Media and Marketing Exposure
  • Relief from Donation Requests 

How TAGG Works:

Nonprofits, schools and teams encourage their supporters to choose TAGG businesses because they give back.

The supporters visit a participating businesses, and submit a photo of their receipt on the TAGG mobile app.

The customer selects who to support, and the business donates a chosen percentage of the purchase (typically 5%). 

When you join TAGG’s innovative program, you will:

  • Have a paying customer for every donation you make.
  • Benefit from local organizations that encourage their supporters to patronize your business.
  • Increase loyalty by empowering customers to determine where you give, and make them feel good about your business each time.
  • Be promoted year-round without lifting a finger.
  • Never have to say “no” to a donation request again.


of TAGGers say the app influences their buying decisions!


of TAGGers visit businesses more often because they're on TAGG.


of TAGGers share on social media (becoming your advertisers!)

Business owners love the many benefits of being on TAGG. 

Jared – Owner

Railcar Modern American Kitchen

“TAGG helps us direct our funds across all organizations throughout the year. It takes the pressure off us, helps drive business and makes it easier for everyone.”

Amy – Owner

Nu Trend Dry Cleaning

“We appreciate being promoted by TAGG, as well as by our customers sharing their TAGGs on social media. What a great marketing value!”

Jeremy – Owner

Cutthroat Print

“My business enjoys being a vendor with TAGG. It’s a great way to give our customers an option of how we can contribute to the local community.”

Megan – Marketing Director

Flagship Restaurant Group

“The majority of our charitable giving is now done through TAGG, which has lifted the burden of managing our budget. I can consistently respond to donation requests with a polite response letting them know that we can support them through TAGG. It’s been a huge time saver and it also rewarding to be part of such a cool program!”

Jeff – Owner

Ragazzi’s Pizza

“I have greatly appreciated how TAGG streamlines our giving. The best part is that it involves people patronizing us before we give back. Thanks, TAGG, for allowing us to be philanthropically involved and freeing up time to focus on our business.” 

Laurie – Owner

Spirit World

“We receive hundreds of donation requests a year, which creates a huge demand on our time and resources. TAGG allows us to streamline our response process without sacrificing our values of giving back to the community.”

When you join TAGG, you’re in great company!

Take a step in the right direction. Open your doors to cause marketing! Select your city for more information.