We caught up with Elizabeth Power, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at the WCA. Learn more about this great TAGG partner cause below!

Tell us a little bit about your organization. 

The Women’s Center for Advancement saves hundreds of lives each year. It is the go-to place for anyone experiencing (or who has experienced) domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking. Our free, high-quality services address our clients’ immediate safety needs and help them to grow into independence over time. We also provide a vital service in education and prevention for the community at large, to raise awareness about the issues of power and control – because the truth is, nobody is immune to this epidemic.


What’s the most exciting thing happening right now with your organization? 

The most exciting thing happen with our organization right now is that we’re getting ready to move into a brand new building!

We’ve outgrown our space (maybe 2 years ago) and really wanted a place where people experiencing the trauma our clients experience feel safe and comforted. For example: in our current building at 29th and Farnam, our clients wait in our front lobby for an advocate to work with them. While this is common practice for many places providing services to individuals, we strive to always consider our clients’ safety. Our front lobby has several windows that face Farnam street. While it’s actually quite difficult to tell who is in our lobby while standing on the street, it can be very nerve-racking for our clients to feel that exposed.

In our new building at 3801 Harney Street, our clients have their own private waiting area. This waiting area has computers, a refreshment table, and even a children’s play area. In our new building at 38th and Harney, every inch has been intentionally designed with the thought of who we are serving and working with every day, and how we can make life better for them, even if it’s just while they are visiting us.


How can TAGGers or supporters get involved with your organization? 

We would love for TAGG supporters to get involved with the WCA! The easiest way is to just start following us on Facebook. We share a ton of information about how you can support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking on that page. Another way is to start having conversations with people you love and care for about what healthy relationships look like, and if they ever find themselves in a situation that isn’t healthy that the WCA is always here to help.

More traditional ways to get involved are to volunteer or donate your time, talent or treasure to the WCA. If you want to learn about volunteers, joining our awesome Partners Guild, hosting a donation drive, or even hosting a training, check out our website: wcaomaha.org


Why should people consider TAGGing for you? 

Since last fall, we’ve seen an enormous movement in our field. Men and women are coming forward and feeling safe sharing their stories of abuse, assault and harassment. It’s amazing to watch their courage. That being said – you probably know someone who has experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. Maybe they have been public about their experience, and maybe they haven’t. But the best thing you can do for the people you love who have experienced these crimes, is to ensure that the WCA is here for them. And by TAGGing, you’re helping make sure our organization is here to help survivors and victims in their journeys.


Anything else you’d like us to include?

We just want to thank the entire team at TAGG for being an organization that cares so deeply about Omaha. We love that you make supporting organizations like the WCA, so easy, and so much fun!

 Elizabeth Power, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at the WCA

Elizabeth Power, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at the WCA