In recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, we invite you to learn more about an incredible local charity, Project Harmony. We sat down with Angela Roeber, Director of Communications at this child advocacy center, so please read on for more information.

Angela Roeber, Director of Communications at Project Harmony

Angela Roeber, Director of Communications at Project Harmony

Tell us a little bit about your organization. 

Project Harmony is a nonprofit, community-based organization that has served more than 32,000 children during the past 21 years by providing a child friendly environment in which specially-trained professionals work together to assess, investigate, and resolve child abuse cases.  In one centralized location, Project Harmony co-houses with Omaha Police Department Child Victim/Sexual Assault Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit, Nebraska Health & Human Services/Child Protection Service Initial Assessment and Child Abuse Hotline, Lutheran Family Services and Child Saving Institute.  Project Harmony exists to protect and support children, collaborate with professionals and engage the community to end child abuse and neglect.

What’s the most exciting thing happening right now with your organization? 

The growth is quite incredible considering where we started.  After completing a full year of operation in 1996, Project Harmony saw roughly 156 children…now 21 years later, we have helped over 32,000 children tell their story and provide them with the support and resources they need to live a happier and healthier life.  We are proud of this and we could not have come as far as we have without this community’s generous support.

Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

Today, Project Harmony is one of the largest Child Advocacy Centers in the country.  Not because of an overwhelming volume of abuse, but due to the level of collaboration that comes together under one roof – or campus rather.  Other leaders from Child Advocacy Centers travel to Omaha to tour Project Harmony, to learn from us and replicate our model as a best practice community response – most recently we had representatives from the Kansas City area as well as Baltimore visit our campus.  We have also been invited to San Diego, North Carolina, Alaska, Washington DC, and New York State within the last year to share our collaborative approach to child advocacy as they are eager to replicate this same collaborative model.

In 2015, with the growing need for early intervention programs, the Connections program launched with the goal of linking schools and families with much needed mental health and counseling services.  Aimed specifically at K-8 students, this program is currently in all Omaha Public Schools, as well as Bellevue, Millard and Papillion schools.

Through Connections, Project Harmony is one of the first across the country to implement an evidence-based group intervention that has been shown to reduce Post-Traumatic Stress and depression symptoms in children who have experienced trauma.  Bounce Back is an adaptation of the model for younger children.

With all the recent reports of school violence lately – schools are increasingly viewed as a critical setting for the delivery of health and behavioral health services.  Getting to these children early is even more critical.  Through these evidence based group models, along with individual and family therapy, Connections has helped over 2800 children and families in just the last two years.

Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

How can supporters get involved with your organization? 

Since its founding in 1996, Project Harmony has relied on the generosity of countless individuals like you to help children suffering from child abuse. Whether you write a check, attend an event or join our Service League you can rest assured that your gift will help provide the services these children and their families so desperately need.

Here are some ways in which you can help Project Harmony help the children in  our community:

  • Gifts of Cash 

Cash gifts are always appreciated and you can make secure online donations by clicking HERE.

  • In-kind Donations 

Here at Project Harmony we provide essential products to the children we serve. We are always appreciative to those who can donate these products, that can be passed on to the children we serve.  Please visit our  Wish List and contact us if you would like to donate any of the products listed.

  • Attend an event 

Join us for our next special event to learn more about Project Harmony and meet fellow supporters.

  • Host an Open House

One of the best ways for us to share what we do is to invite guests to Project Harmony and see for themselves what a child sees upon arriving to our child advocacy center.  You can support us and raise awareness of our mission by hosting an event right here at Project Harmony.  Proceeds from your fundraising event make a difference in the lives of children and families directly impacted by abuse.  Children entering Project Harmony go from crisis to courage.  As a host of an Open House, you are responsible for the invitation list, organization, promotion and execution of the event.  Project Harmony will provide you with assistance, our logo and brochures as well as promotion of your event through our social media networks whenever appropriate. For more information, please contact Project Harmony Director of Development Amy Chisholm at (531) 301-5002.

  • Volunteer 

Project Harmony would like you to get involved. Volunteers are needed to help with general office work, special projects, event planning and more. All volunteers are subject to a background check. Click here If you are interested in volunteering.  For all Corporate Volunteer requests, please contact Maggie Anderson or call (531) 301-5035.

  • Service League 

You can become more involved with Project Harmony through our Service League.  The Project Harmony Service League exists to assist in the fundraising efforts for the benefit of Project Harmony, to enhance public awareness and understanding of Project Harmony and to assist in activities of Project Harmony as requested by the Executive Director and Board of Directors. Check out our  Membership Brochure  for more information about the Service League.

  • Work with us 

View our open full and part time positions.

  • Stay in touch 

Subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter on the bottom of the homepage and follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Project Harmony.

  • Take the pledge

Take the pledge to be someone in the life of a child today at

  • Learn more 

As adults, we are responsible for protecting children.  Attend an upcoming training through the Training Institute, or visit our resources section to learn more about how you can prevent, recognize, respond and report abuse.


Why should people consider TAGGing for you?

By supporting Project Harmony, you are helping:

  • to provide a place where children can use their voice without fear;
  • to ensure the health and well-being of all children in our community;
  • to restore a sense of safety so the healing process can begin;
  • to support children and their families throughout the investigation and prosecution of the case;
  • to provide appropriate, and effective, mental health services for children; and,
  • to provide awareness, generate learning, and ultimately protect the most vulnerable among us.
Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

Photo courtesy of Project Harmony

Together, we can end child abuse.  END IT.  But to do this, we all have to have a stake in it. You are part of the solution. On behalf of each and every one of the children who found the courage to use their voice without fear, thank you for your continued interest, encouragement and support.

Please take a few moments to watch this impactful video about Project Harmony.