TAGG works hard to spread the word that your business gives back, and we encourage you to do the same! It has been proven over and over that when people know you’re on TAGG, it keeps you top of mind and increases repeat business. 


TAGG will provide custom images with your businesss name or logo. Email us to request your custom images.

Use our marketing inbox!

Don’t forget to consider TAGG as an extension of your marketing! Keep us in mind anytime you have something you want mentioned, whether it be a new product or service, special, event, or anything else you want us to share to keep you top of mind! Simply email us at Be sure to include any images you want us to use.


Many businesses have expressed that they receive an overwhelming amount of requests for donations…through email, mail, Facebook message, walk-ins, and website.

We sure hope you are using TAGG as part of your response when local organizations ask for monetary or product donations. Whether you agree to donate to them or not, letting them know that you give back through TAGG year-round will not only send a positive message that you are ALWAYS community minded, but will also result in new customers coming your way when the organizations ask their supporters to use TAGG there! 

Sample Reply

Click here to download a sample response to requests for donations, letting them know you can support them through TAGG. Customize this to display on your website, use for email responses, and share with your staff.

Business Cards

TAGG provides an unlimited supply of business cards to give customers or organizations to let them know you give back through TAGG and how it works. Contact us to request FREE business cards.


TAGG offers FREE signage so that you can make your commitment to the community known! Contact us to request any of the following:

Window Stickers: Display a TAGG window sticker at your entrance(s) because TAGG users look for these to confirm that you participate. Request additional stickers for your drive-thru windows and patio doors.
Table Tents: Display a table tent near your register, in a waiting room, or on every table. 
Stickers: TAGG offers stickers in various sizes to display on registers, menus, check jackets, invoices, mirrors, and more.
Posters: Make a larger statement with a poster in your entrance and/or restrooms, etc.
Business Cards: These are a great multi-use tool to give every customer, give to customers asking how TAGG works, or to organizations asking for a donation to let you know you can support them through TAGG.


If you’re like most businesses, you’re always on the lookout for good ways to build customer loyalty. Optionally reward your loyal TAGG users with rewards for no extra charge. Your offers will be listed in our ‘Rewards’ section on the app, where it shows how much more you need to spend to earn it! Contact us to discuss getting rewards added to your TAGG account.

Dragon Wok gives every dine in, take out, and delivery customer a card letting them know they will receive $10 off their next purchase for every $100 they spend (all tracked through TAGG). Rewarding loyalty in a way that also shows community support has been a WIN-WIN!


Did you know you can designate a larger donation percentage to one or more specific organization(s), or category of organizations (ex. schools), on a specific day, during a time frame, or even permanently? Choose a different organization each week or month so that you can always be promoted to a new group of supporters! 

We can add campaigns to our app so that when your customers use TAGG and choose the chosen organization(s), the larger donation will automatically apply. 

Contact us to schedule a campaign.


Include TAGG on Your Printed Materials & Advertisements – Consider adding TAGG’s logo to your marketing pieces so people already familiar with TAGG know that you participate. Click here to access TAGG logos or request free signage.

Add a Message to Your Receipts or Invoices – Let customers know that you they can turn their receipt/invoice into a donation to their school, team or cause of choice!

Schedule a day for HIGHER DONATIONS – Choose a timeframe to actively promote and inform your customers about TAGG. They will love to hear about this free way to support their schools, causes and teams and keeps them coming back more often!

Include TAGG on Your Website – Add TAGG to your website so people know about what you’re doing for the community. Click here to access TAGG logos.

Get Your Staff Aware – Although TAGG requires very little to no training, we encourage you to make staff aware of it in case a customer inquires about it. Download our Staff Info.

Promote TAGG on Social Media and Email – Utilize images provided above to promote your TAGG participation in order to engage new customers as well as remind existing TAGG customers to come back more often. Access TAGG images to share.

Here are a few ways:

  • General posts sharing that you give back through TAGG
  • Share posts from TAGG’s social media pages on your business pages
  • Share photos of people TAGGing at your business
  • Share a quick video about how you give back through TAGG (suggest organizations you like to support if people don’t already have a chosen cause)
  • Share your monthly impact – When you receive your TAGG activity report each month, post about which local organizations you were able to support.


Know a business that might want to learn about the benefits of TAGG? Refer them to us! We’ll give them $25 off their first year, plus you’ll earn $25 or $50 when they join! Simply share their contact info with us or send them to our website to learn more! 


Each month, you will receive a monthly recap including:

TAGG Activity Highlights
Link to your Detailed Activity Report
(view this to see transaction details, customers and comments)
Link to your Promotional Folder
(to view any recent promotions) 
Other TAGG News

Share your giving on social media! Share how much you donated and tag the organizations you were able to give to!