TAGG offers a variety of additional ways to be further promoted to our growing audience.


As often as once per month, email us at if you would like us to share something for you — whether it’s an event, special offer, or product or service you want to highlight. This could also be a monthly special. We will promote it for you on social media, email and/or add a News + Offers item to TAGG user accounts. 

If you would like a dedicated text or email blast sent to a custom audience, please email us for info and pricing.

TAGG Rewards Center

TAGG users earn points for reaching TAGG milestones ($ raised), using TAGG at new & featured businesses, sharing their TAGGs on social media and more. Then they visit our Rewards Center to redeem their points for bonus donations, TAGG swag or offers from businesses. Get added to the rewards center to be seen every day by hundreds of TAGG users! 

More Details

Choose one or both of the following:
1) Provide gift cards, $ towards any purchase or free product/service: These can be valued anywhere from $4 and up, and once earned, will be added to that user’s TAGG account to redeem digitally (unless you provide physical gift cards or offers to be mailed).
2) Sponsor a bonus donation: Points can be redeemed for additional money going to the user’s organization of choice. They will receive an email letting them know the bonus donation has been applied to their organization’s account along with your name and link to your website.

We are curently looking for sponsored donations at the following levels:

Omaha area:
60 @ $2.50 each: Taken
30 @ $5.00 each: Available 
20 @ $7.50 each: Taken
15 @ $10.00 each: Taken
10% $15.00 each: Taken
8 @ $20.00 each: Available
6 @ $25.00 each: Available 

Lincoln area:
60 @ $2.50 each: Available 
30 @ $5.00 each: Available 
20 @ $7.50 each: Available 
15 @ $10.00 each: Available 
10% $15.00 each: Available 
8 @ $20.00 each: Available
6 @ $25.00 each: Available 

Siouxland area:
60 @ $2.50 each: Available 
30 @ $5.00 each: Available 
20 @ $7.50 each: Available 
15 @ $10.00 each: Available 
10% $15.00 each: Available 
8 @ $20.00 each: Available 
6 @ $25.00 each: Available

Birthday Offer

Reach a new audience every month when you provide a special birthday offer! On the first business day of each month, TAGG sends a happy birthday text to all TAGG users celebrating a b birthday that month, wishing them a Happy Birthday and encouraging them to check their TAGG account for some special offers from some of our participating businesses. The offers are to be used by the end of the birthday month, and are a redeemable, one-time use offer. Birthday offers should be something FREE, a discount, or money towards any purchase.  

First Time Customer Offer

Each month, TAGG can share an offer with only your customers that indicated it was their first visit (the previous month). They’ll receive a text and the reward will be added to their TAGG account. You can determine the number of days before the offer expires. 

Loyalty Reward

TAGG can share an offer with your TAGG customers every time they spend $X at your business (thru TAGG). These will be promoted upfront to drive business and once earned, they’ll receive a text and the reward will be added to their TAGG account. You can determine the number of days before the offer expires. 

ONGOING Higher Donation Days

Get promoted in a variety of ways when you offer an ongoing higher donation % on a certain day of the week. This can be for all organizations, a category of organizations (ex. schools, teams, nonprofits or places of worship only), or a specific organizaton you like to support.  

Promotional details
1) Business added to ‘Higher Giving Days’ category in our online business directory

2) Higher Giving Days are always promoted in our News & Offers which links to our website for a full listing.

3) Higher Giving Days will be regularly promoted on social media and in emails to our user base.


Run your next school or team fundraising event thru TAGG! No more counting receipts, writing a check, or having to donate on ALL sales during the event. TAGG helps with promotional images and will even send a text and email to any TAGG users who support the benefitting organization(s). Email us to let us know you are interested in hosting dine to donate events or if you already have one planned you’d like to run through TAGG.

1) Event is added to our platform so higher donation is calculated automatically (even if the customer TAGGs a week later as long as the receipt date mathes the event date).

2) TAGG will send a text and email to everyone who supports the benefitting organization through TAGG.

3) TAGG will create promotional images for the organization to use.

4) TAGG will send a report after the event to the business and organization.

5) TAGG will send a text to everyone who attended encouraging them to keep TAGGing at your business year-round.


Reach a new audience each month by targeting the supporters of a specific school, nonprofit or youth sports organization. Whether you want to provide them with a special offer or discount OR a higher donation for a week or month, we can send a text message and/or email directly to them — plus add the promotion to their News & Offers within their TAGG accounts. TAGG can assist with coming up with the right organizations/schedule that makes sense for your business and location.