About TAGG

We connect people, businesses, and causes for mutual benefit.

When TAGG was created, we were thinking with both our heads and our hearts. Our heads were telling us there has to be a better way to support schools, teams and nonprofits. Our hearts were telling us we want to wake up every day knowing we are helping people. Sometimes the results are quick and easy to see, like kids being able to go to campOthers will require years of support, like finding cures for diseases or rebuilding communities. We want to be part of it all! Thanks to our charitably-minded business partners, we enable everyone to take part – without spending an extra dime!

The Team

Leslie Fischer


80s music fanatic, board game master, and experienced foodie, that's our co-founder, Leslie! After 16 years in marketing, Leslie decided to start TAGG with Holly. Leslie serves on the Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue Board and co-founded Ladies Who Launch Omaha, a women’s entrepreneurial group. Leslie is dedicated to giving back and her three beautiful kids, Ellie, Jackson, and Evan, and her chocolate lab Charlie.

What Holly Says: Leslie is one of the most compassionate people I know. She gets energized by helping others and is always bringing out the best in people. She is a wonderful mother, wife, friend, and Christian, and I could not think of a better influence to spend most of my days with! And her sense of humor is a plus!

Holly Baker


Husker fan, Shark Tank fanatic, and loving mother are just a few ways to describe co-founder Holly Baker. Since graduating from UNL, Holly spent her career leading marketing for a variety of industries. Since taking the leap of faith to start her own business, Holly is dedicated to growing TAGG and making a difference in the community she loves. She enjoys long walks, playing cards, home decor, bargain shopping and cuddling with her kids (while they still let her). She and her husband Brandon are blessed with two kids, Alanna & Camden.

What Leslie Says: Holly has incredible integrity. She takes so much pride in what she does, and has a passion for perfection. If she gives you her word on something, she will do WHATEVER it takes to ensure it’s done. And when it’s done – – it’s above and beyond what you ever would expect. She expects the best out of us at all times and never settles. The best part is she never misses a detail!

Lesley Clark

Business Relationship Manager

Wine lover, sports fanatic, and an identical twin are just a few ways to describe Lesley. Since graduating from UNO, Lesley has spent her career in advertising sales and event planning. She and her husband Jeremy have 3 beautiful kids: Kennedy, Kellan and Cade. In her spare time, she enjoys serving as the HOA President in her neighborhood and volunteers on the PTO at her children's school. She also enjoys cheering on her children at their various activities and sporting events. Lesley is excited to make a difference in the community with TAGG!

Katy Spratte Joyce

TAGG Ambassador

Passion is what drives Katy in everything she does. Through TAGG, she is able to continually develop her passion for the community. When she’s not being a nonprofit supporting superstar, you can find her brunching, spending time at her cabin on Lake Pepin, volunteering for her favorite nonprofits, or spending time with her husband Skip, her perfect Black Lab Molly, or her parents and baby brother in Minnesoooooootah!