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We understand that the costs of participating in sports and activities can really take a hit to the wallet. With TAGG, we make it as easy as possible so you can raise funds all year long to help offset the costs, all while supporting local businesses.

Average Number of People Supporting Each Player

Number of Businesses Ready to Support You Every day

Average Amount Raised Per Player Annually

What people are saying

“Competitive dance can get so pricey with all the travel we do. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to raise money simply by making sure I visit TAGG businesses.” Madonna – Dance Mom

“TAGG is great! I sure wish this would have been around when I was a kid. I had to go door-to-door selling stuff.”  Dan – TAGGer


“I like how I can contribute to my baseball team by asking my parents to choose TAGG places when we go out to eat. Plus I don’t have to participate in as many other fundraisers.” Josh – Baseball Member


“I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to share TAGG with our moms, helping with the financial burden of participation.” Cheryl – Dance Studio Manager

Step 1
Download the TAGG app to your Android or iPhone.

Step 2
Visit TAGG businesses all over town, and snap a picture of your receipt (or scan the business’s QR code).

Step 3
Choose the team or individual you wish to support. The business will donate 5%, at NO extra cost to you!

100% Participation

TAGG allows ANYONE to be a supporter! Enable your coaches, staff, parents, players/members and friends financially contribute as they eat, drink and shop. They will be happy to since it doesn’t cost them an extra dime!

Great Exposure

75% of people share their TAGGs on social media, becoming your best form of advertising! Posts on social media reminds other parents to start TAGGing and encourage other people to get involved.

Support Specific Clubs, Activities or Teams

We allow each team to determine whether they want to be registered to raise money as a team or individually.

Easy to Promote

TAGG provides a toolkit to make promoting TAGG to your supporters quick and easy.

No Credit Card Required

Supporters simply snap a picture of their receipt or the business’s QR code, and you get the donation! We are not tied to any credit card or financial data so there is no risk, and everyone can participate….even kids!

Your Next Generation of Supporters

TAGG allows you to engage your next generation of supporters by making giving easy, convenient, mobile and social.  Plus they are great teachers to get parents using the app!


Registration & Payment Information

  • There are no upfront costs to be registered to receive funds through TAGG. In effect July 1, 2016, 15% of what is raised will be retained by TAGG from your payment to cover operational costs of maintaining the app, business development and customer support.
  • It is important for recipients of funds to maintain TAGG activity to remain active on the app. Organizations, teams or individuals will be removed after three consecutive months without TAGG activity. We want to honor our commitment to our business partners that our causes are promoting the program. TAGG provides a toolkit to make promoting TAGG easy.
  • Quarterly payments are made to causes electronically on or around the 20th of the month for the previous quarter’s TAGG activity, however are not made until the balance due has reached at least $25. Each cause receiving a payment will be emailed a detailed TAGG activity report. Detailed TAGG activity reports for individuals will be emailed upon request only. Payouts are as follows: 
    • January – March Taggs – paid out in April
    • April – June TAGGs – paid out in July
    • July – September TAGGs – paid out in October
    • October – December TAGGs – paid out in January

Sign up below and you will be on your way to raising funds for your team or yourself just by doing things you would EVERY DAY and choosing places that are on TAGG.

Have questions before you sign up? Check out our business list here or learn more about how TAGG works here!

Sign-Up as a TEAM

To register to raise money as a team:

  1. Complete the form below to register your team.
  2. We will need to know how your funds are tracked (ex. Do you have your own bank account or do all funds go to the organization to be allocated to your team?)



To register to raise money individually (not as a team): 

  1. To be eligible to raise money as an individual, the costs to participate must be at least $500 annually.
  2. You will be asked to provide documentation validating that your child is actively involved in an organization (statement from organization, letter of commitment, or other document from the organization verifying active status). This documentation is necessary before any funds raised will be sent, and must be received within 90 days of registration to remain active on the app.
  3. You will be sent an email when you’ve been successfully registered on the app (typically within 2 business days). Watch for this email, because it will tell you where to send the documentation and how to TAGG for your individual member.
  4. You will be asked to share your mailing address below. This is where funds raised will be sent.

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