Please feel free to use any of the following images to promote TAGG to your supporters. If you would like to add your organization’s logo to the images or create custom promotional materials, we highly recommend using Canva (a graphic-design tool website) or Adobe Photoshop (imaging and photo editing software).

Headlines (2)Please feel free to download and print these flyers and handouts to promote TAGG. Click on the thumbnail to view and download.

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  • Identify a TAGG Champion – This person can be a staff / board member or anyone else who is passionate about your organization. The champion’s role is identifying the most effective ways to integrate TAGG into your organization’s communications, so you can get people introduced and consistently reminded them to TAGG for you! Provide TAGG with your champion’s name and email address so they receive any updates to help them be successful.
  • Get Your Staff, Board & Guild Involved – Share a TAGG business list (available in ‘Resources’ below) with your staff, board and guild. Ask them to identify the places they already go, and keep others in mind as they are choosing service providers, retailers or restaurants. Take it a step further by having a contest and award people for TAGGing or reaching milestones.
  • Utilize TAGG for Business Purchases – Keep TAGG in mind as you are making purchasing decisions for your organization, including catering, printing, promotional products, and much more. Download our For Businesses list in the ‘Resources’ section below.
  • Add TAGG to Your Website – Include TAGG on your website so supporters know about this great way to support you.
  • Request a Free Yard Sign – If you have frequent visitors or volunteers to your organization, consider displaying a yard sign near your entrance (can also be used at events). To request your free yard sign, email us. Yard signs can be picked up at the TAGG office located at 17117 Oak Drive, Ste. A Omaha, NE 68130.
    Post this image on social media with a link to our list of participating businesses.
  • Print Flyers or Handouts to Share – Have flyers or handouts readily available to share with volunteers or other supporters.
  • Promote TAGG at Events – During events, encourage attendees to get out their phones and download the TAGG app (either by making an announcement during the event, or providing a handout during check-in).
  • Include TAGG in Newsletters – Utilize images from the ‘Image Library’ above to remind supporters to TAGG, share goal and progress towards goal, recognize your TAGGers, share photos of people TAGGing, etc.
  • Promote TAGG on Social Media – Utilize images from the ‘Image Library’ above to remind supporters to TAGG, share posts on TAGG’s pages (@TogetherAGreaterGood on Facebook and Instagram, @JoinTAGG on Twitter) to your own page, recognize your TAGGers, ask your TAGGers to share photos of themselves, etc.
  • Schedule a TAGG Day or Week – Schedule a day (or week) in which you encourage everyone to check the business list and get out and TAGG to see how many people you can get to TAGG in one day or week.
  • Find a Matcher – If you have a business or large donor that loves to support your organization, perhaps they would be willing to match your TAGG funds (for a certain period of time, or up a dollar amount). View your quarterly reports to determine the match.
  • Promote Specific TAGG Businesses – Browse through the business list and choose specific businesses to encourage your supporters to TAGG during special times of the year, including holidays, back to school, and more. Tag the businesses in your posts so they can see you promoting them.
  • Thank and Recognize TAGGers –  Each month when you receive your TAGG activity report, email or mail a thank you card to your supporters. This is the best way to entice them to keep TAGGing!

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  • TAGG Participating Business List- Link to View
  • Omaha Participating Business ListDownload List
  • Lincoln Participating Business ListDownload List
  • TAGG Catering List (Omaha) – Link to view or Download List
  • TAGG “For Business” List – Download List
  • TAGG Overview Video (2 minutes) – YouTube Link
  • How to TAGG Demo (40 seconds) – YouTube Link
  • Download App Link – Link to Page – Include this link when promoting TAGG online or through email. When this page is accessed from a mobile device, it goes directly to the App Store for that device (Google Play or App Store)