TAGG is your local cause marketing vehicle! We help businesses increase exposure and customer loyalty, while streamlining the way you support the community.

How it works:

Step 1
Community causes (such as schools, teams and nonprofits) ask their supporters to
use the free TAGG app to support them. 

Step 2
They visit participating businesses, submit a photo of their receipt,
and choose a cause to support. 

Step 3
The business donates (usually 5%). TAGG takes care
of the collection, reporting, and distribution of funds! 

Why participate?


of TAGGers are NEW customers (the app influences buying decisions!)


Of Customers Share TAGGs on Social Media (becoming your best advertisers!)


of TAGGers Increase their Loyalty (They visit more often because you're on TAGG!)

Consistent Response to Donation Requests 

Never say “no” to a donation request again. Instead, support those you care about directly, and let others know that you can support them year-long through TAGG! 

Increase Loyalty

TAGG gives your customers a great reason to visit more often. Since they must take an action to TAGG their purchase, they are  TAGG, consciously thinking about your business giving back to their cause of choice each time.

Year Round Exposure 

Be regularly promoted by TAGG and hundreds of causes to their supporters! Plus, iPhone users receive push notifications when near your business!

No Hassle

Customers simply submit a photo of thie receipt, meaning no hassle for your staff. 

Good Company

Be among the strong list of community-minded businesses already accepting TAGGs.

Free Loyalty Program Built In

Optionally reward your loyal TAGGers with our free loyalty rewards option! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I have greatly appreciated how TAGG streamlines our giving. The best part is that it involves people patronizing us before we give back. Thanks, TAGG, for allowing us to be philanthropically involved and freeing up time to focus on our business.”


Business Owner

“TAGG takes care of the majority of our charitable giving, which has lifted the burden of managing our budget. I can consistently respond to donation requests with a polite response letting them know we can support them through TAGG. It’s been a huge time saver and is also rewarding to be part of such a cool program!”


Marketing Director

“TAGG helps us direct our funds across all organizations throughout the entire year. It takes the pressure off of us, helps drive business, and makes it easier for everyone.”



Business Owner

Join TAGG for a Small Fee that Works Hard for You

Choose one:


  • This fee covers the first location; Each additional location is half price ($18.75 per month).
  • Fee billed monthly, along with the donations on TAGGed purchases
  • NO other hidden fees
  •  12-month agreement
  • Auto-renewal
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the donations get collected and distributed?

TAGG collects the donations each month from the business (either by check or debiting your bank account). We then send the funds electronically to all causes on the your behalf.

What do I receive upon joining?

All New TAGG businesses receive:


  • window sticker
  • 4×6 acrylic sign with unlimited supply of business cards
  • access to library of content and images
  • training guide for your staff
  • custom QR codes (if you want your customers to have the option to scan a QR code while at the business) – Most businesses just to have all customers use the receipt upload option.
  • custom email that goes to users the first time they TAGG there
  • onboarding announcement via push notification, email, app news feed and social media
  • ongoing exposure year round (by TAGG and participating causes) – see ‘Exposure’ question for more detail
  • option to create free loyalty rewards on the app

Upon request, TAGG provides at no charge:

  • custom image and video to promote your participation in email and social media
  • complimentary posters, flyers, and postcards
What kind of exposure do I receive from participating?

Businesses receive regular promotion not only by TAGG, but also by hundreds of participating causes who share it with their supporters.

Here are just a few ways:

  • announced as new business in email, social media, push notification and app news feed
  • inclusion on business list regularly shared with 700+ causes (to share with their supporter bases), linked in weekly email, and handed out at 25+ events per year
  • inclusion on website
  • listed on app in all applicable categories so TAGGers can find you
  • iPhone users receive a push notification when they’re near your business
  • Facebook posts pull through to app’s news feed, extending your audience
  • optionally reward your loyal TAGGers with our built in loyalty feature
  • inclusion on catering list regularly shared with 400+ causes and user base (if applicable)
  • custom email message that goes to users the first time they TAGG at your business
  • additional opportunities presented to you throughout the year
What kind of data do I receive?

Each month, you will receive a report that shows you who came in, the transaction and donation amount, and which cause was supported. If they were a first time TAGGer, you will see their survey results if completed (first time customer or time since last visit and satisfaction rating).

Do I need to train my staff?

TAGG requires minimal training. We provide a training sheet for your new employees, and recommend you display it somewhere employees regularly see to remind them of what TAGG is and how it works. It is up to the business to supply the QR codes for customers to scan OR simply ask all TAGG customers to use the receipt capture option.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You can authorize TAGG to electronically debit a bank account or credit card.

Can I set a cap on the 5% donation?

Businesses with large transaction potential may set a cap on their donations. For example, if you are a car dealer, you could donate 5% of a new car purchase up to $50 or $100.

Can I still donate to my favorite causes outside of TAGG?

Yes of course. Many businesses on TAGG still directly donate to causes they care about, while others donate only through TAGG.

How much of the 5% donation goes to the cause selected?

85% of it is directly passed onto the customer’s selected cause. There is no cost for a cause to register and raise funds through TAGG, however TAGG does retain 15% of what is raised. This went into effect July 1, 2016.

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