TAGG provides an innovative and hassle-free way for schools, nonprofits, places of worship, teams and even team members to raise money year-round without asking for donations or selling. 

Choose Your Organization Type:

Engage your next generation of supporters.

Raise necessary funds for your parent teacher organizations or other fundraising projects.

Raise money for a general fund, or add specific fundraising projects including youth groups.

Raise funds for specific sports and clubs.

TAGG allows you to raise money as a team or at an individual level.

What people are saying

” It doesn’t require more than 5 seconds to pull out my phone to TAGG, and I love how friends see my TAGG posts and want to get involved. ”  Andrew – TAGGer
” I LOVE TAGG! When my husband and I are deciding where to eat out or fun places to take our grandkids, we make a point to look for places that TAGG. It’s a wonderful way to support local businesses and, at no additional cost to us,
support local causes too! ”  Cindy – TAGGer
” I’m in college, so I don’t have time to volunteer or money to donate. TAGG allows me to do my part by doing every day activities. I’m a little addicted!”  Shelby – TAGGer
” I appreciate the businesses that are donating through TAGG and giving back to our community! I am very intentional about selecting businesses that are a TAGG partner! ”  Mimi – TAGGer
” Awesome app. I love it. I am enjoying finding new places to eat. Mychele” – TAGGer

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